Post your favorite JW "DEMON" story

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  • MoeJoJoJo

    We've all heard different stories floating around our congregations of different ones(bible studies, or brothers or sisters) having an encounter or 'problems' with demons. What was your favorite?


    It`s not my favorite story but it is incredibly stupid..When I was a kid my mom was conviced Mad Magazines were demonized..Is it any wonder so many dub kids can`t take their parents seriously? ...OUTLAW

  • gumby

    A fellow elder told of a story in which he was on a bible study with another publisher and the person in who was being studied with had "demons" His story went on that the couch the woman was sitting on levitated and a voice came out of her mouth that said......"Jesus is a woooooooman". He told that story many times to various publishers.

    There has never been an actuall documented proof whether with pictures, or recordings, that any supernatural happening such as this has ever occured.......and that goes for dub demon stories.


  • Pleasuredome

    there's a sister in my old cong who has had a problem with a poltergiest. doors have been slamming, her kids have woke up with silk scarfs tied tight around their neck. she even cliamed that she has been held fast to the ground whilst trying to leave for meetings. neighbours have reported seeing people in her house whilst they've been away on holiday, and also they've claimed to have seen people in her car who neither family or neighbours know whilst driving away from home.

    i know that this family didnt have any problems of this sort until they moved to the house they're now in, and i also know that the terrace row they live at has had many casses of paranormal activity.

    elders told her to get rid of her husbands dodgy videos and music , which she did but didnt make any difference. elders said that there wasnt much they could do for her, as they could come to her house and talk with her as her huband is a non-believer, except to say that she should be more regular for meetings .

    i would have gone to see her myself to give her some help, if it wasnt for the fact that if word got back to the elders, they would be asking me some very serious questions.

    was she and her family lying? well, i could see in their eyes that they were exhausted and stressed by it all. i personally believe them, some wouldnt, but there you go.

  • Gamaliel

    There was a guy in Rolla, Missouri, the literature "servant"/territory "servant" who seemed to have dozens of demon stories to tell the young kids (especially) after the Thursday night TMS/SMtg.(J.Matth ews) He and his wife were young, very average JWs, and I wouldn't have thought to question his truthfulness at 9 years old, but my father, then the congregation servant (=PO) once pulled me aside and said not to pay any attention, they were just stupid ghost stories, and that he didn't believe them and that "they" were going to ask Bro.Matthews to stop telling them. The 10-13 year old girls seemed completely mesmerized by his stories, and loved to retell them as proof of their own unbelievable stories. This brother never lost his position in the congregation, exactly, but I do remember it was a kind of a shock to re-evaluate whether a servant could be deliberately untruthful.

    We had a lot of haunted house stories in Missouri. I was a complete non-believer in ghosts and would gladly walk through dozens of these supposed "haunts." So I was surprised when one of my studies started having demon experiences. It was just a "normal" young couple who finally got baptized but complained often of the sounds of dishes being thrown around the house in the early months of the studies. Shortly after baptism, the new sister announced to my wife that she had had a dream and that she was going to soon have her husband (me). Another single sister, my wife's age, at a party, in a corner with just an elder and my wife and I, picked up a Black Sabbath record, and started going into a rant about how this group was demonized and how my wife must know all about these demons, and she started in on all these extremely vile accusations about relationships with demons. She actually began to look "demonized" although I would now classify it as "high". We laughed it off incredulously and I said I'd talk to her about her motives some other time. When I brought it up the next day with the elder who was sitting there silently, he said he didn't hear a thing! He just tuned out and thought we were talking about some rock group.

    Since JWs I've never heard a demon/ghost story, but had already thought of them as somehow tied in with the "chemicals of puberty" and adolescent mental confusion, but in these last two cases of adults, there also seemed to be some other form of sexual frustration and possible "medication" I'm assuming. The latter sister claimed to be of the annointed, by the way, but wasn't counted even though she partook.


  • rocketman

    One sister told a group of us that jws called at the home of some guy who was a warlock, and this guy supposedly said that Satan has all the teenagers in the world except the jw kids, and he was trying very hard to mislead them too.

  • NaruNaruChan

    I had a sister tell me that because I received a scholarship to go study in Japan that the demons were trying to coax me away from jehovah god by luring me with extra education. I turned down the scholarship, too.. but I recently contacted the international studies office and they said that they would gladly reoffer it to me.

  • Mulan

    My very favorite is a story a 'sister' told about another sister who had a demonized television. It seems the screen glowed for several minutes after she turned it off. Duh!!!

    She had bought it a garage sale, so she threw it away.

  • wednesday

    my fav demon story is the one told by a very attractive sis who was being molested by the demons at night. she was advised to use 3 Bibles and put them in the appropriate places. She had to fight them off, but the bibles helped.

    U just can't make this shite up.truth is stranger than fiction.

  • MoeJoJoJo
    Is it any wonder so many dub kids can`t take their parents seriously?

    Amen to that, Outlaw.

    His story went on that the couch the woman was sitting on levitated and a voice came out of her mouth that said......"Jesus is a woooooooman".

    Gumby, now that would be freaky.

    Naru, congrats on the scholarship!

    Mulan, I wonder how much stuff JWs have actually burned and thrown out over the years because they thought it was demon-possessed.

    Here’s one of my favorite demon stories brought to you by my mother:

    She was out in service one day and took a door by herself, while she was presenting the magazines and talking about how wonderful Jehovah is, those frisky demons started ringing the householder’s windchimes so loudly that the lady could not hear her at all. And get this, not a breeze was blowing!! Those evil windchimes. (Mom, you were such a great storyteller and you really had us kids going with all your demon stories. No wonder I always had nightmares.)

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