What do you think? Weird experiences.

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  • Mulan
    I have searched at amazon both in the states and UK, and can come up with nothing. where did u get it? and is her name starting with an i or L ?

    A friend sent it to me. There is a phone number inside the book to order her books. 618-948-2393 or from her website www.ilonkaharezi.com

    Mulan, not to discount your theory, but one of the women who works for me subscribes to this same theory. She has even told me (twice) in all seriousness that .....

    she has to be careful what she asks for because her words have so much power in the universe that the universe will grant her requests!!!

    These kinds of things have happened to me multiple times over the years. The book is more or less explaining why it happens. I am not aware of doing anything different lately, but maybe subconsciously I am. I certainly don't feel I have any special powers. Thanks for the warning though.

    Some of what she writes rings of "bullshit", but who am I to question?

    She tells about redirecting a tornadoe that was coming right at her and her family. My problem with that is that there might be several people doing the same thing, and why would it work for her, and not hit her home, and destroy dozens of others? But, I haven't read very far either.

  • ashitaka

    she has to be careful what she asks for because her words have so much power in the universe that the universe will grant her requests!!!

    LOL-to be so deluded. I wish I could be that secure with my cosmic signifigance.

    People always say that if you wish or something enough, it will happen (as in wishing evil on someone)

    Hell, I must've done that 1,000,000 times and I've had no such luck in defeating my enemies or my problems with wishing.


  • Satanus


    At times we subconsciously attract negative stuff. If we think that we are totally worthless, we may attract people who use us. Sometimes, if we are very negative, we can't help ourselves very much. We may need outside help in the form of a psychotherapist, or group therapy. It's like we are stuck in a hole that we can't get out of, or it would take a long time. Keep reaching for help, and you will get it. Eventually, you will be able to stand on your own feet.


  • Francois

    What are you selling on your web site? And what is your url?


  • Billygoat


    I know we don't subscribe to the same belief system, but I do believe in the power of prayer. There have been too many instances in my life where my prayers were dramatically answered at the most inappropriate (my opinion) times, but later proved to be perfect timing.

    The second time I tried to commit suicide was around 11:45 on a Tuesday night. I had a bottle of vodka and a bottle of sleeping pills in my hands. Within just a few days I had lost my boyfriend, my job, and my doctor said I needed emergency lung surgery (cancer-like lesions and I used to be a heavy smoker). I felt there was no way out. After a gulp or three of vodka I was "strong" enough to open the bottle of pills. I remember "thinking" (praying?) at the time "God if you're out there, you've got one more chance. Otherwise I'm done with you." One final look at the pills and my cell phone rings. I don't know why I answered it, but I did. It was my Sunday School teacher's husband. He could tell right away I'd been crying. He said he had a funny feeling about me and just called to check in on me. A funny feeling? At 11:45 at night? Who follows through with stuff like that? After a short conversation he realized what I was about to do and he drove over to my apartment to help me pack a bag. He asked me to stay with him and his wife until I was okay. I stayed with them for almost a month. If it weren't for them, I seriously believe I would have been dead.

    That's MY most convicting experience that God listens. There are other instances, but they seem silly and trivial although interesting.

    Thanks for sharing!


    PS: This is not in anyway to discredit your thoughts on this book. I do believe there are many ways humans do not fully understand the capabilities of our brains.

  • wednesday


    i went to the site and it worked , except when i tried to order the book. clickin jonit produced nothing. also, i saw no way to contact the author. Oh well. so much for that.


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