What do you think? Weird experiences.

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  • minimus

    You are demonized.

  • hillary_step


    Blame it on my mother, she gave me all my Christmas presents at Easter.


  • Satanus

    Based on scalar waves? Hmmmm. This may be something to check out ...


    Ilonka Harezi is the founder and CEO of ELF Laboratories, a research company created to bringing scientists of like mind together to think, work and develop technology dedicated to the betterment of mankind..

    ELF International began operation in the first quarter of 1986. Under Ilonka's leadership, the company was responsible for the development of the TESLAR® `chip' technology. With successful testing of the TESLAR® chip, the company commenced manufacturing and marketing the 'TESLAR®' chip worldwide. It continues research into Energy Science & Medicine.

    She is a multi-function professional with a broad base of business expertise; accustomed to bottom-line responsibility for profit/loss; product development; personnel staffing and international contract administration.

    Raised in southern Illinois, Ilonka graduated from the Chicago School of Design for a career in Interior design. In 1974, she started Ilonka Creative Environments as a free lance set designer, specializing in international design in commercial, residential, and institutional construction media. She was so good, that in 1981, she was awarded "International Interior Designer of the Year ASID." In 1982, her work was featured in the "Robb Report" in an article entitled "Ilonka".

    In 1984, Ilonka shifted careers and founded Harezi International, which dealt with Turkish / Middle East / European import-export of raw materials. In 1985, she became involved with crude oil sales, partnership oil exploration and drilling ventures between corporate offices in Illinois and Cairo, Egypt. Her vigorous negotiating skills enabled her to develop working relationships with Illinois Basin oil companies. She directed sales of imported crude byproducts from the Middle East and North Africa to American refineries end users, negotiating contracts in excess of $800 million US dollars!

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    She found ELF Cocoon International with Dr. Andrija Puharich, who inspired her on the workings of ELF (extremely low frequency) technology. Ilonka hired noted scientists and good managers who helped in the research, design, and marketing of the TESLAR® chip. The TESLAR® line of watches are sold world wide.

    Authored "The Resonance in Residence" A book on Scalar Technology in relationshiop to biological systems.

    Her list of international recognitions include:

    • Who's Who of Leading Women Executives
    • Marquis Who's Who in the World 18th Edition / 19th Edition
    • The World's Who's Who of Women 25th Edition / 26th Edition 2001/2002
    • New York Academy of Sciences.
    • Fellow Academy of Political Science.
    • Who's Who Among Outstanding Americans in 1995/96.
    • International Executive Guild
    • Strathmore's Who's Who, Lifetime Member
    • Who' Who of Leading American Executives, 1992.
    • 1000 World Leaders of Scientific Influence.
    • Who's Who in Science and industry.
    • Who's Who of 2000 Notable American Women 7th Edition American Biographical Institute.
    • National Register Who's Who in Executives and Professionals 2000
    • Who's Who Hall of Fame, International Biographical Center, Cambridge, England.
    • International Professional and Business Women Hall of Fame for Outstanding Achievements in Electromagnetic Research - 1999.
    • International Who's Who 1999.
    • International Who's Who of Professional and Business Women - 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001 Honoree
    • Lexington's Who's Who, Lifetime Member
    • Outstanding Woman of the 20th Century Award by American Biographical Research Institute.
    • Marquis Who's Who in the World, 18th Edition
    • The World's Who's Who of Women, 25th Edition
    • International Who's Who of Professional of the Who's Who Historical Society for the year 2001.
    • International Who's Who of Professional of the Who's Who Historical Society for the year 2002.
    • 500 Leaders of Science American Biographical Institute, Inc.
    • Marquis Woh's Who in America 2003
    • Marquis Who's Who in American Women 2002-2003


  • hillary_step


    I hope you are as anonymous locally as your are on this board. You have never 'dropped your pants' here!

    lol...Unfortunately the flapping trouser incident would probably not surprise my neighbours, but they are far enough away to need binoculars to make anything of it!

    Keep well and see you soon - HS

  • wednesday

    So, if u are a negative person, filled with bitterness and all that, this probably won't work? would the book help u get rid of some of that negative energy?


  • wednesday

    duplicate post

  • LDH

    LMAO at Hillary!

    Mulan, not to discount your theory, but one of the women who works for me subscribes to this same theory. She has even told me (twice) in all seriousness that .....

    she has to be careful what she asks for because her words have so much power in the universe that the universe will grant her requests!!!

    LOL! Please, feel free to indulge in these fantasies, but do not go over the edge as my assistant appears to have done.


  • wednesday


    i have searched at amazon both in the states and UK, and can come up with nothing. where did u get it? and is her name starting with an i or L ?


  • anglise

    Hi everyone

    interesting thread. I have experienced lots of these types of things ie thinking of someone and then meeting them shortyl after. But what then is the differance between these thought and praying?


  • rem

    There is nothing 'weird' about these experiences at all. They are actually quite common and explainable. The only thing that's weird is the wacky explanations people make up for them.

    It's an argument from ignorance - "since I don't have any idea of why this stuff happens and I refuse to do real research on it, I'll just settle with a made-up supernatural explanation and fall for any fraudster out there who wants to sell me a device, book, or motivational seminar to make me feel warm and fuzzy inside."

    Good books by real scientists that deal with these topics:

    • Why People Believe Weird Things, Michael Shermer (ok, he's not a scientist)
    • Demon Haunted World, Carl Sagan
    • How to Think About Weird Things, Theodore Schick, Jr. and Lewis Vaughn
    • Pseudoscience and the Paranormal, Terence Hines


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