American -vs- European travelers

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  • SpunkyChick

    Realist - Thanks for the invite! Very sweet of you! I take it you live by Reutte? It is so beautiful there! I visited the famous castles in Fussen Germany, then rented a car and drove into Reutte....I have pics from my european vacation on my website....(although the e-mail address isn't correct, I haven't been able to update the site since I closed my account with AOL which was almost a year ago )

  • WildHorses

    The only country I have visited, is Mexico. I spent a week there the first time and a month the second. It may be a poor country but I love it there.

    If one day money and time allows, I would love to visit Slovaina(sp) My family name is Pieske and that is where they came from. I'd also like to visit Spain, Isreal, Egypt and France.

  • Prisca
    They say "the correct side of the road". When I was in Malaysia a few years ago, I was always at the mercy of whoever was driving me, and was always standing on the wrong side of the car, as if I was going to drive. It's hard to get used to that side of the road and car. It seems backwards. Hmmm..........because IT IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Why is it "backward" that cars drive on the other side of the road to America?

  • VeniceIT

    It's the wrong side of the road because we arrogant American bastards say it is


  • Seven

    Thanks to all for your responses.

    Expie- this is a classic from your friends: "America never really got rid of slavery they just renamed it "employment."

    Englishman-Thanks for the new light on your holiday entitlements.

    XW- Worth repeating: An individual could travel exclusively in the U.S. in a lifetime and learn about their own country and while they are at it learn about so many other countries and cultures through that since everyone here originated from somewhere else anyway.

    Mulan and Princess- I think it's great that your family vacations together. It's great for the grandchildren too-lots of fond memories for them.

    realist- I agree, our laws must

    waiting- I wait on Saturday's too.

    Si- lol @ still living in black and white except living in "wet" during Wimbledon.

    jelly- 35 vacation days!! I might consider moving to Europa for that.

    spunky- I love Germany too and cruising the autobahn!

    WildHorses- Love Mexico too and hope you can visit Slovenia one day.

    Prisca- When I'm behind the wheel I take my half of the middle anyhow. :)

    Ven- LOLOL Check the board tomorrow for my lazy Arrogant American Bastard chocolate cheesecake recipe.


  • Max Divergent
    Max Divergent

    Well... I'm doing ok the moment by the look of things... 9 weeks* leave on full-pay and a free airfare each year which I can use as about 75% of an Round the World fare which we did last year (India and the US) and probably will again this year (US, Wales, Italy and Greece)...

    But inbetween times, we'll probably take the in-laws somewhere like this for a couple of days. This is 2 hours on the highway and 65km of 4WD track from our place...

    or for just a long lunch we'll go somewhere like this...

    still, we might just cop out and go to instead, that's an hour away...

    Mmm... a world of choices when you live in the middle of nowhere...

    Cheers, Max

    * Naturally, that's in addition to about 12 or so Public Holidays and an extra 2 days for flying time (and extra 5 days if you drive instead - in which case your fuel and accomodation are covered to the value of the airfare). Some who can juggle things take their 7.5 hours off-site work on a Friday for time to time and engage in some recreation or other... (Why am I looking for another job again????). Our current workplace negotiations centre on over-work and are claiming an extra 2 weeks leave. I'm serious.

  • Xena

    We have shorter work weeks? We work normally in my area from either 7:30 or 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday - Friday. What are the normal work weeks like in Britian?

    Our holiday and vacation time SUCKS...

    I lucked out and lived in Europe for a few years growing up because my dad was in the military. Since that time I have only traveled to outside the US to Mexico, Canada and the Caymen Islands...hoping to do a bit more this summer..but time will tell

    I envy Europeans being able to DRIVE from one country to the next....takes over a day just to get out of Texas!

  • StinkyPantz

    Well, I, being an all-American girl, has spent a lot time outside of the US (Africa, Europe, and Australia) and I'm only 24! I have a job where I can not only support myself and save, but can have off as many days as I want per year (2 weeks paid). I also go to school. So for the people that don't travel. . well I feel sorry for them.

  • Max Divergent
    Max Divergent

    Bugger - the board won't take more than half a line

  • Simon

    There is a table on p.63 that shows that USA workers do work a lot more hours but on p.71 that the no. of hours per week has dropped considerably.

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