American -vs- European travelers

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  • Realist


    the scenario in colorado is VERY different from that of the alps. the alpine regions more look like that of alaska.

  • waiting

    Thanks 7!

    Paid vacation? lol - try owning your own company. You get it when you can......and the first several years, ain't there. After that? Usually 4-day weekends every couple of months.

    But consider....With only 4 days - why waste it traveling to the location? Flying? Sure, with a month's advance notice in most cases. Try legislating that into a small self-owned company.

    I've worked for big firms before....2 weeks for the average employee. 3 could be built up....but after many-a-year. Holidays? Usually 5/6 yearly. Sick days? lol - depends on company. Work for a small company? Whatever you can get.

    Ah well.

    tired waiting on Saturday....working.

  • Simon

    I am sure the holidays play a part.

    I believe we tend to work longer weeks over here but have more holidays combined whereas the work-week is a bit shorter in the USA but more spread out over the year so that there are fewer hols. I may be wrong and generalising but I've heard it from several people.

    Another thing that I am sure is a factor is that the USA really does have every range of weather and location imaginable from tropical beaches to Skiiing. If we want anything other than "miserable rain" then we have to go abroad.

    I bet most Americans don't realise that it's so miserable that we still live in black and white? Apparently, the flight from the UK to the USA was what inspired the Wizard of Oz

  • Englishman

    Here in WSM, we actually have a drought. It hasn't rained for 8 weeks, and as a consequence, my lawn is ungrown AND brown.


  • Simon

    Hey, we expect to have a nice lush green carpet to rest our bums on for the BBQ so get out with the watering can !

  • jelly

    35 friggen vacation days a year!!!!!

    No wonder you guys over there post so much you only have to go to work every other thursday.

    Terry (of the making bricks without straw class)
    edited because I reread Englishmans post, and did the math.

  • Simon

    We don't all get that of course ... I actually get 0 paid holidays although I can take about 4 weeks unpaid.

  • SpunkyChick

    Europe is the best! I spent two months in Europe backpacking and staying in hostels, cheap hotels and camping! I was able to visit 10 countries in two months (England, Holland, Belgium, France, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Italy and Greece). The total cost (not including airfare, or eurail pass) $2,500 (food, lodgings, and inner city transportation). I can't wait to return!! My favorite countries were Italy, Germany and Spain.

  • Realist

    hey spunky!

    if you come back to europe let me know... i live in austria but its close to the german border

  • Mulan
    ....and we don't have to worry about a bunch a people driving on the wrong side of the road.

    They say "the correct side of the road". When I was in Malaysia a few years ago, I was always at the mercy of whoever was driving me, and was always standing on the wrong side of the car, as if I was going to drive. It's hard to get used to that side of the road and car. It seems backwards. Hmmm..........because IT IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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