Secret sins of the JW's

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  • freedom96

    Oh, I know. The witnesses are all so pure! Ha ha.

    Seriously though: When you take all the witnesses from all over, how many really are pure and follow the rules perfectly? How many are really sinning against the WTS? Things like sex, smoking, swearing, porn, etc?

    What do you think is the biggest "sin" that witnesses do that they just never confess up to?

  • rocketman

    One must remember that their religion is so rigid that some are bound to fall short in some category or another.

    That said, I think that for young persons, and most jws in genral, it's sex. We were in a congregation recently where a couple of the youths seemed to be indulging in oral sex, from what we heard. Of course, this is a religion that basically bans even masturbation, or at least strongly discourages it, so it's no surprise that young and old alike deviate from their strict code of conduct.

    I think another area is R-rated movie viewing. Agian, strongly discouraged and virtually outlawed, it's udnerstandable that many jws would deviate.

    A big one also is underage drinking, and also, for adults, drinking too much. I think this is a big problem in some areas, and the parents don't seem to have a clue. I've heard of some jw adults tanked up pretty much at wedding receptions, etc.

  • Mystery


    Regardless of what is SAID after you are DF'd and reinstated you are still judged.

  • minimus

    #1 Masturbation #2 Overdrinking #3 Looking at "R" and adult videos in the privacy of your home #4 Coveting (anything and everything) and #5 is APOSTASY!

  • gold_morning

    There biggest sin to me is this.....

    They make themselves mediators between us and Christ!!........

    .............Yet 1Timothy 2:5 says...

    "There is one God and ond mediator between God and men, the man Jesus Christ."


  • Gordy

    There bound to be something that many of them do behind closed doors or when away from their area.

    Couple if incidents come to mind.

    Visiting an elder I was sitting in an armchair next to a cabinet that held videos. Looking at them there were , documentaries and films and films ranging from kids to a couple of 15 rated ones, nothing you could say was bad. While sitting there one of his young kids comes in and open the cupboard at the bottom of the cabinet. He opens the door, but doesn't close it when he goes (don't kids get you into trouble). Glancing down I noticed that there must be about twenty 18 rated videos ranging from the violent to the sexy. Plus, this what got me, a couple of "How to improve your Sex life" videos. Before the elder came into the room I closed the cupboard door. I would keep the knowledge of what I saw for later This elder gave a talk two weeks later which included how we as JW's should not watch 18 rated films. Hypocrite!

    About ten years ago members of another congregation in our area had to go to meetings at other Kingdom Halls for a couple of months. We were told this was because their KH was being redecorated and modernised, it was in an old building. Three years later when I had left the JW's I went to visit an ex-JW, an elderly lady, who when she was a JW was a pioneer for many years and was considered one of the stalwarts of her congregation. She had belong to the above congregation. I mentioned the time theyhad to come to my KH. She laughed when I told her what we had been told. She said the real reason was because ALL the elders had been removed and a couple of the MS also. Why? Because it seemed that the elders and servant would meet at he KH twice a month. But it was to have a drinking session. One night it got out of hand a fight broke out, splled out into the strreet, police where called, charges of drunk and disorderly brought. Word got to Bethel. London. They sent a couple of heavies up. Removed ALL the elders and those MS who where there. Spent next couple of months seeing who they could appoint, about three of the former elders where reinstated, because they needed someone who knew how the congregation was run. Made four of the MS who hadn't been involved elders. Seems very few people really knew what actually happened.

    Many other thngs have been told to me since I left about what went on in local congregation. So when I hear JW's going on about how good and clean they are, and nothing wrong ever happens in Jehovahs organisation, I have a silent laugh to myself.

    What I want to know is how did I miss all the fun?

  • Holey_Cheeses*King_of_the juice.
    Holey_Cheeses*King_of_the juice.

    Must add - Lusting after a beautiful 'sister'. Not any one in particular, just any that were attractive. Well, at least that was my 'secret sin'. It's a wonder I lasted in the org as long as I did!

  • Hamas

    I always felt so guilty because all I ever seemed to do was sin.

    If I was doing something besides personal study in my spare time, I felt like I was sinning.

    If I wasn't out on the service, It felt like I was sinning

    If one day I felt good about myself because I was having fun doing something else it felt like I was sinning.

    For a JW, the biggest problem is the internet. Putting a huge moral restriction on masturbation is criminal, its just totally unfair and unjust. When a JW's eyes are opened on the internet its a huge task for them to overcome, particulary with porn. That was my big problem I encountered.

  • Holey_Cheeses*King_of_the juice.
    Holey_Cheeses*King_of_the juice.


    The problems confronting the WTS since the advent of the internet in trying to keep their 'subjects' from straying must be enormous. I recall years ago that the society had their knickers in a knot over the introduction of cable television (not available in Australia at the time) and spruiking on how it would spread wickedness on a greater scale. Humankind has survived cable TV and I wouldn't be surprised to learn that many of the 'brothers' have cable TV to be able to watch the 'wildlife shows'. Reminds me of a song - "You and me baby ain't nothin' but mammals - Let's do it like they do on the discovery channels".

    I only wish the internet had been available when I was a JW (or preferably before) as the scope of information presented (admittedly not always factual) is such that there is no excuse for any JW not to examine and hopefully question their beliefs and the workings of their org.

    cheeses still loves you all.

  • rocketman

    Hey Gordy, don't you know that the elder had to watch some of those movies so that he would know exactly what to warn against? That's probably how he rationalized it, lol.

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