Secret sins of the JW's

by freedom96 13 Replies latest jw friends

  • mattnoel

    Biggest Sin has to be Sex, actually probably Masturbation followed by sex then shortly after that is smoking (you just gotta have a ciggy after sex aint ya) !

  • Aztec

    (((Hamas))) That is way too much guilt to put on yourself! Damnit! I hate those GB bastards for making people feel so guilty for having just a tiny bit of fun. GRRRR! My biggest sin was coveting the hottie boys. There were alot of cuties in my cong. and I wanted (and had SHHHH!) quite a few of them. Being an elder's daughter has it's perks! ;)~Aztec

  • NaruNaruChan

    1. Masterbation (cuz it starts YOUNG)

    2. R rated movies

    3. Sex

    4. Covetousness

    5. Apostasy or free-thinking of any kind. ^_^

  • Swan

    I don't the things mentioned are sins. The WTBTS just calls as sin many things that really aren't sins. If you told any "worldly" person walking into an R-rated (age 18) movie theater that they were sinning, they would laugh in your face.

    These JWs were just doing things forbidden by the GB. It is a method of mind control that the WTBTS uses to dictate the lives of their members and differentiate themselves from others. They invent "sins" by making them things forbidden.

    But are they really sins just because the WTBTS says so? They may base these forbidden things on some convoluted Bible scriptures, but that doesn't make them sins.

    The only "sin" some of these people may be guilty of is that of hypocrisy.


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