Comments You Will Not Hear at the 4-13-03 WT Study

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  • BluesBrother

    So, Panorama and Dateline are just "Published lies and Distortions" are they , and was I dreaming when I saw on TV the elder from Rugby led away in handcuffs after being found guilty of child abuse?

    If I were a "Loyal Christian" I would refuse to believe it, so they say . They cannot deny that such things happen, just tell the faithful to refuse to believe it . Reminds me of "Bagdhad Bob " saying that the press reports of American advances are untrue and loyal Irakis should not believe it

    An honest Christian would admit that things have not been done properly,ask forgiveness of readers and ensure a better system was put in place.

  • onacruse


    There was a time when I could not read between the lines of wt articles. Now the hidden messages scream out at me, thanks to you Blondie and others on this board.

    Ain't that the truth! Same for me; those blinders come off one at a time, and, oh lord, how many layers there are.


  • MacHislopp

    Hello Blondie,

    thanks for the comments. very true and straight to the point,

    as usual. I do believe that this week...the swedish press and

    TV will give a mighty headache to thousands of JWs apologist

    and a good shake to the WTBS Inc.

    Jgnat: " What exactly are the bad reports, distortions and outright

    falsehoods, and slanderous reports that the WT is telling us to expect ? "

    Truly indeed, why the WTBS Inc. doesn't give at least one tiny example??

    We all know why...

    Greetings, J.C.MacHislopp

  • minimus

    Blondie, I would appreciate it if you could regularly do the Isaiah bookstudies, too. It would make things a lot more bearable. So, once your supply of WTs. run out, please consider becoming a Book Study Overseer for us.

  • joe_from_kokomo


    Thanks for your review once again. I agree with Pistoff and WannaExit that these articles are really over the top. It is just last straw after last straw.

    These statements, though, are outright propoganda and lies. Having confronted face-to-face Gov. Body Member Bro. Herd myself when he made a similar statement at our last circuit assembly (see prior posting), I saw how quickly he backed down when I asked him if "these stories were true or not?" They most certainly know that the vast majority of them are true.

    And, since I scan every other day, and do a news search on "Jehovah", which I recommend to the rest of you, I am learning more and more about what is really going on with Jehovah's organization. There are now quite a number of abuse law suits being filed, and we can expect more.

    So, for the WTS to state, "We also need courage when opposers maneuver the media into spreading bad reports about God's servants..." is almost more than I can bear. Translated literally this text bite means, Bill Bowen and Barbara Adams, et. al. of Silent Lambs have "maneuvered the media" (i.e. Dateline, Connie Chung, Panorama, and the Canadian Fifth Estate producers) into "spreading bad reports" about child molestation and how the WTS ignored the problem on a local and a global scale.

    Well, all I can say about that outrageous statement is this:


    But, that is not all. They close the article by stating that THEY HAVE GOD's APPROVAL. They state at the end of paragraph 20 of that same article,

    "...our standing firm despite persecution, including slanderous reports in the media is cause for rejoicing. It means that we are pleasing Jehovah...Our courageous stand show that we have GENUINE FAITH and assures us of GOD'S APPROVAL. " [emphasis mine]

    It most certainly does not! God does not approve of falsehoods, schemes, and lying! How can you call our faith GENUINE, when you print lies that even the GB members will deny when confronted??? How can any of this be "pleasing to Jehovah"?

    What is does do is this: It assures us the Watchtower Society, Brother Brown and the Governing Body, who have ignored the problem of child molestation and who encourage the Writing Department to publish propaganda and outright lies, when they have verbally admitted that some of these stories are true, will have to face a severe judgement from Jehovah. If there is any consolation in this for those who have suffered, and for the rest of us that have been lied to repeatedly, that is it, albeit sad and pathetic.

    How much longer, oh Jehovah? Why must we tolerate these lies?

    To end on a somewhat humorous note - Blondie, you can always get the latest issue at your local laundromat. Some brother or sister is putting placements there, probably daily, and counting it as a return visit! Ha!

  • rocketman

    Great post Blondie. Once again, without actually considering the evidence, anything unflattering about the WTS is automatically called 'lies and distortions' and as has already been pointed out, anyone who might belive such reports is "inexperienced".

  • artful

    Thanks for this post Blondie: I really appreciated this point
    "Of course, there is no reason to be ashamed of being a Christian and that is not mentioned by the WTS."

    I had this discussion with my wife after reading this article for the first time. I realized that as a JW I was often reluctant to admit this to people I met. And the reasons for this had nothing to do with my belief in Jesus, God, the Bible, etc. Rather, the reason for being ashamed of being a JW was due to having to explain my reasons (really the WTS's reasons) for the many 'unique' teachings I had to follow as a JW (no birthdays, no Christmas, no holidays of any kind, no blood, etc, etc).

    I also came to realize that by their adoption of the name 'Jehovah', the WTS have in fact brought more 'reproach' on the name of God than any other people in history. Since their numerous failed prophecies, constantly changing doctrines, and bizarre unscriptural regulations have all come to be attributed to the name Jehovah. Some JWs will accuse 'apostates' of being reluctant or unable to use the name 'Jehovah'. This may very well be true. However, I believe the reason for this is because of the mockery the WTS has made of that name.

    It is no wonder that many former JWs who still consider themselves Christians do not want to be associated with this name. I think, at the same time it is also very sad they the WTS has made this name unusable for so many.

    Of course, when they make comments like the ones in this WT study, what they are doing once again is attributing the nonsense that they teach to God.

  • lulu


    Just when I have found you, you are thinking of stopping your comments on the WT!!!

    There is just a chance that I may be able to talk to someone to give me WT. If so, somehow I will get in touch with you, although I have noticed that there are no email addresses now. If the worst came about I will get in touch with Simon, but give me a week or two.
  • happy man
    happy man

    Unbelevebel WT studie.

    Now we now how it is,it was all lies, say this how not have seen the program.

    We as have seen it dont feel so good, but what to do, myself how have talk about this fore over one year to the most in the cong, are now in a very dangerus situation,.I never fore my life was beliving that they here in Seden was going to find so stron´g cases, I think th GB have a littel unluck here, if they have seen this TV show they have never send out this WT artickel, taken widh the trowses down like this was tragiklal.

    I told one elder, the tema fore the artikal should have been, bee brave and faithfull and stepp forward and tell if some have abuse you.

    I am sure this willend upp in some cleaning, we have wait and see where.

    widh love from HM

  • jgnat

    Happy man, your latest comment was barely readable. I had to translate.

    Unbelievable WT study.

    Now we know how it is. It was all lies, say these who have not have seen the program.

    We as have seen it don’t feel so good, but what to do, myself who has talked about this for over one year to most in the cong, are now in a very dangerous situation. I never before in my life believed that they here in Sweden were going to find such strong cases. I think the GB were a little unlucky here, if they have seen this TV show they would have never sent out this WT article, taken with the trowses down like this was tragic.

    I told one elder, the time before the article should have been, be brave and faithful and step forward and tell if someone has abused you.

    I am sure this will end up in some cleaning, we have to wait and see where. with love from HM.

    Happy Man, it is unwise to put your trust in imperfect men. Keep in mind this article was written after Dateline and Fifth Estate. It is obvious that the imperfect men who make up the GB are not interested in Truth, but coverup. If it is absolutely necessary for you to retain your faith by believing that these media exposures will result in a clean up of the organization, fine. I think you will be waiting a very, very long time.

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