80's pop music..didn't you love it?

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  • ScoobySnax

    I just know Brummie will be here with me on this one, but wasn't the eighties pop music just the best (maybe I'm getting old here at 32) but hey, bring back Wham! and Duran Duran, Nik Kershaw, Howard Jones Kate Bush Aha etc etc.....just great.....reminds me of all my school days, being naughty and getting detention on more than one occasion. There was no better decade for music.

    Union of the Snake Scott

  • ScoobySnax

    oh and Bananarama!! The Reflex ScoobySnax

  • rocketman

    I'm a product of the late 60s and then the 70s. The 80s were not all that good, IMHO. The 90s were actually much better I think. 00-03 ain't bad either. Of the past 4 decades, I'd rate the 80s at the bottom.

  • rocketman

    btw, I do like Howard Jones.

  • nowisee

    rocketman, im with you. nothing can beat the classics of the late 60's - beatles, stones, beegees, etc.

    elvis (50's & 60's) was pretty amazing too.

  • Princess

    I'm with Scooby, I love 80's music. Takes me back to high school........

  • rocketman

    I think this thread's comments are going to depend on which decade the poster grew up in. I think we all tend to favor the music that was popular during our teens especially.

    But, I do think that if you could take some type of survey that could somehow objectify things, the music of the late 50s, through the 60s to early 70s (before disco) would come out on top. Problem is, music taste is so subjective, I doubt there's any way to make an objective evaluation.

  • Irreverent

    wasn't that the decade of the big hair bands?

  • larc

    Rocketman, I agree with you. I think a lot of it has to do with when you grew up. I was in high school (1954-1958) when rock and roll began. What a wonderful time that was! We went from the big band era to rock and roll. Wow! What a revolution. Everything after that is a result of what happened then. Now, lots of folks liked Elvis. He was good, but there were several others I liked better including: Jerry Lee Lewis, The Big Bopper, Buddy Holly, Fat's Domino, Gene Vincent, Little Richard, Duane Eddy, Carl Perkins, and the one hit wonder - Frog Man Henry. I did not like Ricky Nelson. He had only one good tune, and that was Garden Party. What a thrill it was to be a teenager, when it all started. Oh, I also liked Mickey and Sylvia, but that was not rock and roll. A couple of quiz questions for you rock and roll addicts. Who coined the term "rock and roll", and what is the name of the movie about his life. Who sang Blue Suede Shoes Before Elivis? Who sang Hound Dog, albeit a very different version, before Elvis?

  • cruzanheart

    Oh, yeah, the 80's were IT! Big Tex and I got married in 1983, moved into our apartment, and discovered (among other things) MTV!!! I loved those 80's videos. Today's videos are boring by comparison.


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