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  • nightwarrior

    I would leave and not come back..... aaarrrggghhh

    I hate spiders the size of pin heads never mind the size of that thing.

    All I know that our Creator must have a wicked sense of humour to create them things....uuurrrggghhh

    Mrs NW

  • SpannerintheWorks

    What a bunch of blouses! Do you really believe that little creature could do you harm! It is more scared of you than you are of it!

    Chill out!

    Arrrrgggghhhhhh! It's got me!!! I'm dying! I'm dy...!


    Wow! That's an incredible spider.

    I'm with Prisca, re: spiders and bug control. They are amazing at keeping real harmful bugs down.

    Prisca? I'm still wanting to see an Australian Huntsman Spider.

    Here in Canada, there are many types, some which I'm sure are shared with our American neighbours just to the south of us.

    I have seen some big spiders here, don't remember their names, and black widows (which some people here refuse to believe exist in Ontario, but do) in old garages/barns.

    If that was in my house, I'd either leave it be, or scoop it up and send it outside.

    When I lived in the Philippines, the spiders would be on my mosquito net when I'd awake, so the first thing I saw, were these sprawling legs directly above my head on the net. They were constantly eating and killing cockroaches, mosquitoes and other flying biting insects. When I had to get up, I'd tap the mosquito net and they'd scurry away, and I'd always make sure I didn't step on them, because I knew that their bite was poisonous, but they would NOT attack people. It's only if you accidentally stepped on them (last means of defense).

    Otherwise, they were fun to watch. They were most helpful and never went after you, ever.

  • Scully

    You can say what you want about how spiders are good for the environment and keep other pests and insects away........

    but if I ever found one of THOSE anywhere near me, my screaming would blow out your eardrums.

    Love, Scully

  • Bendrr

    Sorry y'all spider-lovers, but I'd probably shoot it.

    And then move.

    I hate spiders.

    You know what I really hate? When a customer brings a vehicle in for repair that's been sitting for months or even years in their yard. Absolutely crawling with spiders! Especially black widows. I've seen more black widows in peoples' cars than you'd believe, or want to know. And let me tell you this. They're tough little bastards. I've had vehicles come in, driven many miles in stop and go traffic, and the black widows survive the journey. Know where I usually find them? In the vents of brake rotors and inside the brake drums. Now mind you that disc brakes can reach several hundred degrees and never mind the speed at which they spin at say even 30 mph. I've pulled countless rotors off and set them down to find a healthy, albeit a little dizzy and pretty upset, black widow crawling around. Luckily I use extremely flammable brake cleaner. One car was so bad I put the wheels back on, cringing the whole time, and sent the customer to a car wash to have a complete undercarriage wash....twice.

    I hate spiders!


  • jgnat

    I don't know if I should laugh or scream. Too creepy! I rescue spiders, too. I figure, if you see these predators around, just imagine the size of the bugs they are catching!

    But in this case, I might just have to call the exterminator from a hotel room at an undisclosed location. Standing on the bed.

  • A Paduan
    A Paduan

    We get these spiders called - barking or bird eating spiders - but they don't hurt anyone

  • A Paduan
    A Paduan

    They can get as big as a plate though

  • SYN

    Spiders of that size routinely invest my bathroom at home. Which kinda sucks when you're sitting on the toilet and they come running out between your feet and scare the **** out of you. Let's just say that you finish what you were doing much faster than you intended to That's what I get for living next to a frikking river, I suppose...

  • JH

    Is that your new pet?

    Bring him out when the elders come over.

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