Do you think x-JW's need a crutch?

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    I threw myself into school and taking care of my sons.

    After completing school, I moved and threw myself into volunteering at our local community recreation center. I have been involved with them for 6 years. (Actually I was there this morning helping with Baseball/Softball Opening Day Cermonies. I was also very embarassed because they called me out on the field to tell me thank you for all I had done. It was the first time I think anyone outside my immediate family has told me thank you in that way.)

    But I did over do it. I couldn't stop because I thought to much. It kept my mind completely full, so I had no time to think about things that bothered me.

    I finally learned how to slow down a little last year to do things I enjoy. Photography and gardening and my husband (not necessiliary in that order). I still coach soccer but I'm not at the park 20 - 40 hours a week anymore.

    Now that I have found this site a lot of my questions are being answered. I have felt alone for so long regarding religion, but now I am finding peace. I'm not there yet, but my heart isn't as heavy as it has been for over 20 years.

    If running full force and never slowing down a crutch. I have had/have a big crutch.

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