did you go to college? before/during/after wts? what is your profession?

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  • oldcrowwoman

    Lets see life's education and professional of OCW

    at 13 worked Service Industry til 19 yrs. HS education.

    Trained on the job Health Care Worker 7 yrs.

    2Yrs of Community College part time. No degree.

    In the org. 14 years. Self-employed Contract Cleaning business with ex-husb.

    Machinist sheet metal shop 7 yrs. Trained on the job.

    Vo-tech training health Care through the state for being a displaced worker.

    ER Nursing Asst. 13 yrs

    Patient Services ER - At present.

    Taken many classes for my own personal growth.

    Actually I am life long student.


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