tKingdom Melodies I remember/liked.

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  • ScoobySnax

    OK bucking the trend here, but there was some KMs I liked, alot of stick has been given to "Gods Loyal Love"....well I liked that one. Nice Melody.

    I think Song 4 "Gods promise of a paradise" too. And Song number 15 "Life without end at last".....remember this was in the brown book....Still like that one, especially at conventions, always guaranteed to be on the Sunday programme, still get teary eyed at that one.

    What I want to know is what happened to "Keep your eyes on the Prize"....I can remember writing those words out on a sheet and hanging it in my room, surely the classic JW Kingdom Melody of all time...guaranteed at conventions circa 70's/80/s......still miss it, and hum it even now occasionaly.

  • nilfun

    Not in the songbook, but one that stuck with me...
    A song that I was taught to help me remember the names
    of the books of the bible:

    Sung to the ABC song:

    Genesis, Exodous, Leviticus
    Numbers, Deuteronomy
    Joshua, Judges, the book of Ruth
    Jehovah's word is the book of truth

    1st and 2nd Samuel
    1st and 2nd Kings
    1st and 2nd Chronicles
    The necessary things

    Ezra, Nehemiah
    Esther, Job and Psalms
    Proverbs, Ecclesiastes
    Song of Solomon

    Isaiah, Jeremiah
    Lamentations too
    Ezekiel, Daniel
    The famous Hebrew

    Hosea, Joel and Amos
    Obadiah too
    Jonah, Micah, Nahum
    Now there's just a few

    Habakkuk, Zephaniah
    Just a few remain
    Haggai, Zechariah, Malachi
    make 39 in name

    Sung to the tune of London Bridges:

    Matthew, Mark, Luke, John and Acts
    The bible gives us all the facts

    Romans and Corinthians
    That's the way it all begins

    Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians
    Colossians, Thessalonians

    1st and 2nd Timothy
    The scripturs are in harmony

    Titus, Philemon it's true
    In the book of Hebrews
    James and Peter
    John and Jude we're through!

  • Gopher

    "O Walk With God" was simple and had a nice melody.

    O walk with God in purity, relapse not into sin. With God keep your integrity and his approval win!

    If you would keep his truth so grand, by men be not beguiled --

    But let God lead you by the hand, just as a little child.

    (Oh if only this song were more than just words !!)

  • nowisee

    it was in the GREEN songbook -


    i still find myself humming it from time to time: "take my life and bring it Lord, with your will in one accord......" etc.

  • ScoobySnax

    I remember the purple song book I think it was called "Singing and Accompanying yourselves with music in your hearts" and it always had a familiar smell to me that was comforting whilst I stood songbook high at my mums side at the KH. Sing Praises to Jehovah came later. Still what happened to Keep your Eyes on the Prize? When we swapped, I don't remember that being sung again, or am I wrong?

  • asortafairytale

    I always liked "A Victory Song", and "Fear Them Not"...they were kinda dark, a little angry even. Those two songs made me especially zealous. I was so ready to die for my god, should the need have arisen. Glad those days are over.

    Oh, and I still catch myself humming one that wasn't in the songbook:

    My name is Adrienne

    I love Jehovah,

    I'll serve him always eternally

    If I obey him, he'll show me favor

    In paradise I'll be

    I learned that when I was 2 or 3, and I'll never forget it.


  • betweenworlds

    Jehovah God is My Shepherd was one of my faves.

  • gitasatsangha

    Victory Song was kinda cool cause it was different from the others (Came from the Egypt drama). The problem was it made my conscisnce feel bad, because secretly I sided with the egyptians. They seemed like the underdogs. I just wanted those wheelless chariots to get a bit closer so the egpytians could get midieval on those Red Sea pedestrians.

    If only they'd invented the amphibious assault vehicle, we might be on a "Ex-Ra's Witnesses" board right now.

    Amen to that

    Amen Ra!

  • Farkel

    I still like my arrangement of this one:


  • Gopher

    ScoobySnax -- "Keep your Eyes On The Prize" still is in the songbook, towards the end.

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