Arabs confused by Iraqi’s acceptance of coalition troops

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  • gitasatsangha

    Saddam was a madman and an inept military commander. If he'd had any sense at all he would have destroyed the bridges leading to Baghdad and made a deal with the Kurds to keep the US off his back. He was foolish enough to use untrained fedayeen, so he was stupid enough to use WMDs.

    But it really doesn't matter. The US has just finished its first pre-emptive war. There will be more. And no doubt Bush will make certain WMD's are found, even if they have to be imported in.

  • DJ
    This underground discovery could still test to be perfectly legitimate and offer no proof of chemical, biological or nuclear weapons.

    Ok, I'm no expert but what else could this place be? It sure isn't nuclear waste from power We know that Mr. Oil had no need for those.......what then? Nuclear medicine? Are they just erring on the side of caution here? Yes, it is was a very safe and healthy idea to allow Mr. Congeniality to have control over such a lab. I bet he would never ever think to use nuclear missiles to blow up America, nice guy that he is/was....

  • ThiChi


    Your inference is baseless. Is this all you got? Too bad reality is biting you in the ass. Your views are irreverent........

  • Gerard

    That is a compeling article, thanks for posting it.

    I wonder what will the Arab's reaction be now that the sight turning at North Korea. War on terror does not equate to a cruzade.

  • Gopher

    The passing of time and events changes people's opinions, even those of the Arab onlookers. The week prior to the fall, the majority of the Arabs watching from different countries seemed to believe the Iraqi information minister when he said that the Iraqis were effectively resisting and would "teach the Americans a lesson". They believed because they wanted to, and that's human nature.

    Now that the events have shown the former Iraqi leadership to be liars, people are unsure what to think next. But they sure don't want to trust that the coalition will be there to help the people. Or if they do, that they have ulterior motives.

    But we just have to let time pass and watch and see how the transition occurs in Iraq. Like everything else that has occurred until now, the British/American coalition has plans that the outside world hasn't agreed with, until AFTER such plans are put into place and then the world understands. So it will go with the transition to post-war government in Iraq.

  • DJ
    And no doubt Bush will make certain WMD's are found, even if they have to be imported in.

    are u the Iraqi foreign minister incognito?

  • gitasatsangha

    oh no!


    I am discovered. Well as I said before, "The Game is Up"

    it's a fair cop.

  • freeman

    One has to remember that there hasn’t been an Arab victory since perhaps the crusades, so I’m sure pride and ego was a bit damaged by this turn of events. Also since not the entire Arab world is under the domination of a brutal dictatorship, many can’t quite put themselves in the shoes of the Iraqis. Any liberator, even a western liberator, would be welcomed. Fortunately for the Iraqis, we are in their country to liberate and not conquer and it’s obvious they realize this. And I believe it’s important that we continue to do our best to not further damage these peoples pride if we can.

    Now here is the part where I get myself into trouble. I think it’s also the responsible thing to not overly gloat over the tremendous success of this undertaking. Yes the talking-heads, the armchair generals, the nay-sayers, the liberal-left, and the peace at any price crowd are in fact proven 100% wrong.

    That said however, I don’t think it’s constructive to dwell on this.

    People have various points of view, and all are equally worthy of consideration, some just happen to be completely wrong, and others happen to be correct. I believe that the important thing is that the Iraqi people be provided with every opportunity to transition from a 30 year brutal dictatorship to a form of government that will care for it’s people instead of suppress them. In fact the entire Arab world needs to be shown how much better things would be if they gravitate in that direction.

    Further, it’s also important that the Arab world and others understand what is at stake and how much they have to lose if they continue to foster hatred towards the west, and in particular the United States. The United States is the solitary super power and as demonstrated, it absolutely will use its incredible military might when it feels it is in fact necessary.

    One last thought; As the days go by, I’m sure we will be discovering all sorts of things in Iraq that will further validate the correctness of the Bush Administrations actions. However, I caution those who may have been in opposition to give credit where it is due and cease your negativeness or you will become irrelevant and non-credible, and for those who have been cheering this action on to just remember that if you rub it in peoples faces, it only serves to irritate instead of educate.


  • Elsewhere
    for those who have been cheering this action on... just remember that if you rub it in peoples faces, it only serves to irritate instead of educate.

    Excellent point.

  • foreword

    Truly the funiest thread i've encountered for a while. And you really believe the US was there to liberate the iraquis and rid the place of Saddam and WMD. Wow. I'm impressed by your blindness just as a dub is blind to what's really going on in the organisation. Funny stuff.

    The only reason the anglo saxons were and are there is for economic purposes (cause yes their economy is tipping). Please admit to that, be honest about it. You don't have to pretend your intentions were pure. You are just mad at Saddam cause after supporting him militarily for years (with the hope that you'd cash in on the deal) he didn't give in to your requests for a good deal on oil, so you took him out. What's so terrible about that. You were played, so now you threw a tantrum.

    Spare me...."give credit where credit is due" All you did was attack a small country, and plus you disguised your intentions, we all know that.

    You have proven to the whole world that you can be bullies for the purpose of money.

    However, since you are telling the world that you are fighting the "axis of evil", you have a couple more to go. It should be interesting. Can't wait for North Korea, this should give us a two sided fireworks show.

    Give credit where credit is that was funny.

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