The lord of the rings

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  • 2+2=5

    Yes in Austalia many JWs will watch LOTR and The Hobit films, without causing big waves.

    We did have a CO visit a while back and he was going around spreading the word about the evils of......Avatar. Yes that's right, Avatar was a hardcore demonic porn job, who would of known.

    Harry Potter is no better, the real JWs here in Australia avoid him like the little Sparlock bitch he is.

  • Dunedain

    The LOTR trilogys, and Tolkiens books, are incredible. If you google/look up my user name, you will see that I am, indeed, a HUGE LOTR fan, lol.

    As mentioned above, Tolkien was a linguist, and invented many beautiful languages, including Elvish. His "works" started by first inventing certain languages, and then, in turn, wanting to create a "world" for these languages to be spoken in.

    Tolkien started penning his stories while in the trenches of WW1. In fact, his "visions" of the evil land of Mordor, with its burnt, and destroyed landscape, were based on the battlefields of WW1, and the "no mans land" in between the German and British trenches.

    To me personally, the beauty of Tolkiens work, is how not only was it an incredible, rich, vibrant "fantasy" story, but he wrote it as though it was real history. History of our world from an ancient, era, or epoch, of a long ago forgotten past. He mixed, fantasy writing, historical context, mythology, and linguistics, PERFECTLY together.

    In many circles, he is known as the "master", and once you read his books, you can quickly understand why. If you are a fan of the movies, you will LOVE the books as well.

  • karter
    A lot of LOR was filmed were I live here in New Zealand it has done our tourist industry a lot of good. I'm yet to watch any of it. Karter.
  • BlackWolf
    2+2=5 I agree about the avatar thing lol. When it came out a bunch of people at my hall went to see it and then started a big uproar about how "demonic" it was lol. I know several other kids at my hall watch lotr/hobbitt movies all the time but my dad is a very strict elder so anything labeled fantasy is a big no no. But I still watch whatever I want on my tablet and then delete the history lol.
  • Daniel1555

    Yes.. read the books and watch the movies...

    Harry Potter is just such a masterpiece of a story.

    There is nothing to beat Lotr...

    I loved fantasy literature and movies since early childhood. Even being a jw I loved Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. I know many JWs and also elders who read and watched it.

  • talesin
    What about the X-Men? I was forbidden comics and such. If you haven't seen those flicks, they are good, especially Wolverine. :P
  • possum

    Agree....Did the same started with lord of the rings and enjoyed the harry potter movies. The lord of the rings books are fantastic reading. Give twilight a miss. Nothing going bump in the night here and not demonised yet!

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007
    The holy grail of demonic films for Witnesses is "The Exocsist" and "Evil dead".....I heard once you watch these going to the Kingdom hall causes convulsions and green spew!!😈😱
  • talesin

    Witness 007

    Rosemary's Baby and Exorcist were the two in my day.

    BlackWolf, if you want to get creeped-out, watch Rosemary's Baby. It's old, but still works. *shivers*

    The Twilight Series is mostly geared towards teens, so you may enjoy it. It's not my cup of tea, but I am old and love Dracula and Cat People. : )


  • Twitch

    What Dunedain said

    I read the trilogy in junior high, despite having to hide the books at home. The rich tapestry of words that Tolkien wrote was captivating, sublime and at the time, taboo. Loved every page.

    The movies are excellent and do the books fair justice, (more so for LOTR than the Hobbit methinks) but still, a top notch moving picture experience.

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