Didn't you just love ALL those "special" days?

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  • TresHappy

    I remember those special talks, assemblies, etc. Must not be too special, because the only thing I remember is them saying "blah...blah...blah..."

  • anglise

    Dont forget special tracts and special magazines

    All a big con.


  • Skeptic

    Dont forget special tracts and special magazines

    All a big con.

    I agree. Other than promoting whatever special thing was happening, I saw no value in them. Now I wonder if special tracts and magazines were not just a money grab for the Society.

    As for Special Talks, etc. I always left wondering what was so special about them. There was so much hype and excitement built up amoungst the brothers, and then all we were told was the same old, same old. *Yawn* I wondered why they bothered, as we have all heard the same thing at the Kingdom Hall many times.

    When Fred Franz gave the talks, the hype was huge. But all he ever gave was the same talk each time, something about the history of the Organization. It would have been interesting except that Fred for whatever reason could not speak clearly at all, and I never understood a word he said. He gave several talks in our area, and I think there was only one I could barely understand.

    I never understood why the hype over any Special Day, especially Fred's talks. I think the hype over Franz's talks was simply because it was Fred Franz giving it.


  • JT
    It was merely an extra meeting with no time limit

    see you have a bad attitude- at least the speaker got to count it as field service time like every speak does, even public talks at the local hall on sunday is a sure 45min of time that one can count as well - smile

    yep counting time while doing a public talk is "OK" by the society- alot of speakers don't even know that you can count the time


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  • Country_Woman

    I remember when the first meeting I ever attend and one of the elders asked me " don't you like it enormous ? fantastic is'nt it ?" and I answered: "its more of the same" In that same period there was a old slideshow with sounds - and Rutherford said: in the new world it will be as one enormous conference that will never stop. (not exact - but thats my memory) By that occasion I said (from the bottom of my heart ) " May God prevent it " I wonder why I ever let them babtise me, not beeing a whitness at that time.... Country Woman

  • mattnoel

    Can you believe people would actually get excited esp with those boring no time limit talks from bethel that Cruzanheart was referring too, everyone would actually be really excited at the thought of watching crappy slides from Poland for half a day and then attending the Blo**y meeting again the very next day.

    God darn we were fools werent we !


    There was nothing special about the "Special Talks"or "Special Literature". Nothing from WBTS was ever special..It was always the same old crap with a new ribbon on it..I doubt it fooled anybody,but so many were willing to act like they had never heard the information before.Even though they went to the same Kingdom Hall as you,and heard the same information as you....Just one big farce,with a lot of people willing to live a lie...OUTLAW

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