Didn't you just love ALL those "special" days?

by micheal 17 Replies latest jw friends

  • micheal

    Special Assemblies, Special Talks, Special Service Days, Special Visits, Special Olympics, oh wait..

  • Hamas

    Sometimes I did, most of the time I hated them.

  • Gopher

    Before SAD Days (Special Assembly Days) they used to have two two-day (or even two-and-a-half-day, for you real old timers) circuit assemblies per year. Then in the interest of money simplification, they cut back to one circuit assembly and one "special" day per year. What made it special? It seemed like the same old warmed over spiritual food stuff to me. Maybe it was that they flew out a representative from the branch to give two talks during the day?

    Again I always wondered why they called them special. I think "mini-assembly" would have been better.

  • cruzanheart

    What I hated was in my old congregation, which was also my dad's, periodically (twice a year, maybe more -- can't remember) some show-off would fly a Bethel guy in and we'd have a "special" Saturday program of slides, talk, whatever. I never once attended one of those, which shocked a lot of people since it was "spiritual food" and "a chance to get together." NOT! It was merely an extra meeting with no time limit so maybe even God wouldn't know when this guy would shut up. Plus, with my husband working nights, weekends together were extra precious, so I didn't want to waste a chunk of Saturday on slides from Poland.


  • unique1

    YEAH, when I was SINGLE. Meat Market Heaven!!! I looked forward to walking around with my girlfriends and picking up some guys. After I got married, they became alot less fun and I finally realized it wasn't the talks I liked, it was the guys.

  • rocketman

    cruzan mentioned the "special" Bethel speaker talks, and yep, I attended a few, then gave up. 5 meetings a week was enough. It was funny how they'd call other congregations and ask them to announce the "special" event too, because they needed to bolster attendance, since they had a rough time getting enough people from one Hall to make up a decent sized crowd.

  • freedom96

    I found nothing special about those events.

  • logansrun

    Yeah, flirting was great during the assemblies. But, most of the really cute girls stayed away from me -- I was too spiritual


  • freeman

    The only special thing about it was when it was finally over.


  • Pleasuredome

    i made sure i ignored anything special in the JW year. special usually meant highly boring.

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