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  • Pleasuredome

    good grief, i can't even have a cigarette in peace! i travel five miles to a pub for a drink with a mate, and an elder turns up.

    i'm sitting down just blowing the last bit of smoke out of my sinfull lungs and stubbing my cig out, and i look over to the bar and there's an elder from my old cong, looking in my direction with a look of disdain on his face. he then looks at the barman, and then looks back. i put my thumb up to him, he stares with a frown, and looks away.

    df for smoking wasnt the way i wanted to go, but, hay ho, nil desperandum!

  • Valis

    *LOL* PD...did he have two witnesses guv? Eh..maybe he'll drage the bartender down for your meeting w/the elders...*LOL*


    District Overbeer

  • Mystery

    Can they df me for my suitcase smelling like cig. smoke when i go visit 600+ miles away?

  • Pleasuredome


    lol...2 witnesses. not unless he snook his wife around the corner for sneaky beaky look.

  • xjw_b12

    PleasureDome I don't know how it is in Britain, but before I faded.....If i saw an elder in a pub (bar) I would just point my finger at him like a pointed pistol.......because we both knew we were not supposed to be there....but more so Him.....

    So what gives.....Is that OK over there for an elder to go to a pub on a regular basis.

    xjw_b12 of the " I don't wear the Y front shorts either "

  • outoftheorg

    Pleasuredome you used the wrong finger. The international signal of discontent, is not the thumb up. It involves the middle finger on either hand being raised and displayed with a frown.

    My pleasure. Outoftheorg

  • freedom96

    Hmmm.......... what was he doing at a pub?? Not very theocratic is it?

  • onacruse

    I think an "investigative committee" is the first order of biz (no 2 witnesses, they'll have to squeeze a compromising comment out of you). If you don't come to your senses right then and there, making a full confession and groveling in a convincing manner, then your ass is grass.

    *** w61 9/1 p. 542 "Keep from Becoming Causes for Stumbling" ***

    In certain states of the United States and in certain lands the use of alcoholic liquor is taboo. For a Christian to indulge in liquor in such places may easily stumble a person of good will. Even where it is lawful, frequenting a bar or tavern may have the same harmful effect. Or at a social gathering one may stop just short of drunkenness but still have imbibed enough to create an unfavorable impression. How much better to deny oneself a little and so leave a good impression on others!

    That elder may very well walk away from this whole thing (and the BOE as well) convinced that it was the spirit of Jehovah that prompted him to visit that tavern, just to catch you in the act. Heck, he might even get promoted to PO.


  • joannadandy

    First say, "No habla Englaise"

    If that doesn't work try, "PUB? I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU ARE SUGGESTING BUT I WOULD NEVER!" then fall down and start foaming at the mouth....

    Still not working?

    Then I think you should say you were just smoking the cig for a friend.

  • Pleasuredome


    Is that OK over there for an elder to go to a pub on a regular basis.

    this pub has a huge restaurant area. he and his wife went for a meal there. it's when he came to the bar to get a drink, thats when he saw me. so he wasnt there for the drinks, but for a meal. it'll be interesting to see what happens.

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