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  • tazmaniac

    How many out here know a loved one or know of someone who suffers from depression and it is from being in the borg and never feel you are doing enough. My ex wife would always lapse into a few month state of depression right after a visit from the C/O and getting pounded on about F/S hours or not enough studies or not enough pioneers yadda yadda yadda. I know with my ex that the constant fear of armageddon and feeling inadequate was a depression trigger ready to be pulled at any instant.

  • bittersweet

    My husband gets depressed easily about not doing enough. If he goes to a meeting and they start talking about going out in service more, or studying with your family more, he comes home depressed.I tell him the meetings are supposed to encourage,not discourage.He says they are only telling us what Jehovah wants from us, and that he isn't doing enough for Jehovah. It is distressing because he has such feelings of worthlessness, and these meetings just bring him further down. He will compare himself to brother so and so and say well if he can do it, what's wrong with me.

    All I know is,when I was in the org,I had the same kinds of feelings.It wasn't until I was out that I started to like myself.Others didn't notice it, but I was very depressed when I was in. I am so happy that I am out now.

  • nowisee

    yes, it is an impossible standard to meet. you are never doing/studying/praying/giving enough.

    what is REALLY ironic to me though, is that while people like my first husband and i took this admonition so seriously - we really sacrificed in order to be able to pioneer - neither one of our families had much money - we lived meagerly, in a 2 rm. apt. over my worldly alcoholic uncle who had the biggest heart....the elders (let me think back.....) yes ALL of the elders in my cong. had good-paying jobs, they all owned real estate in one of the wealthiest areas of the country.

    it was a double standard that i never could understand. why weren't they sacrificing everything and pioneering too??

    just one more example of their hypocrisy.

  • ashitaka

    Several, both my wifes' and mine. It's not a pretty sight.


  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    I know of 3 sisters who take anti-depressants just to make the meetings. It is that hard. I know of a brother who had a nervous breakdown from all the pressure and now is afraid to leave his house. His wife isn't in much better shape.

    But of course we know their real problem is they just don't have enough faith. Right.

  • cruzanheart

    My dad. The friends Big Tex mentioned. Me, until I left. Big Tex, until he left (or until I left). That's 8 people in just our immediate circle of friends and family, and those are only the ones we know about. It's an epidemic.


  • La-Bellamargarita

    I was a Witness for eighteen years I suffered from depression on and off for most of that time. It was only when I realised that it wasn't the truth and I could live a normal life without feeling guilty and miserable that I eventually overcame all the depression and anxiety. This eventually took about three years, but thankfully I'm fine now, happy and confident in my new way of life. It can be done, but it's not easy

    best wishes La-bellamararita

  • browniiis

    I never knew what depression was until I studied with the witnesses and ever since for years. I thought I was doomed because everytime I would attend meetings I knew I could not live up to their expectations, I turned to alcohol for awhile and then found out about antidepressants, now I am finally realizing it was not me it was them.. What a relief to know their is life after jw's.

  • jgnat

    *puts hand up*

    Not me. I'm fine. I will never be a JW. My honey, on the other hand, yes. Clinically depressed.

  • gumby
    How many out here know a loved one or know of someone who suffers from depression and it is from being in the borg and never feel you are doing enough

    Lots and lots! The witnesses were a "WORKS" oriented group. Salvation came only by obiediance and hard spiritual work. Other Christians believe faith in Christ will get you buy along with following Jesus example the best you can. The former always has guilt because the standards were set to high.

    I do however feel the organisation gets..."overblamed" many times in this area. If you were to have a raise of hands in a common church of those who are on would probably shock many. Life is tough....whether your a dub or not.

    I do believe that they have a much higher percentage than other believers however.


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