can i get your opinions?

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  • JamesThomas

    Hello Danb,

    Others are doing well answering your question, I just wanted to say alt.


  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas


    What country are you in?

    This sounds strange to me too. How did Susan Lee decide to locate YOU? She she pick your name out of the air, or do you have some kind of Dub notariety that caused her to seek you out?

    I think you ought to ask her for her business card and check out the business she claims to work for, then begin insisting that you will have the meetings at HER house.

    I did a web search for "Four Door Productions" and found a phone number - (713) 878-4633. Is that number near your area code?

    Refuse to give her any more information or cooperation if you are suspicious.

    You have no obligation to her, especially when she has failed to be forthcoming with you about her project.

    I think you are being set up for something, although I haven't got a clue what it might be - women are never part of JW judicial committees...

  • jgnat

    I found a Four Door Productions listing, I am guessing, in the Houston area.

    Four Door Productions

    (713) 878-4633

    Could they be connected?

  • Mystery

    I am an amature at finding out information on a everyday people on the net. With very little information I can find your phone number, street address, city, state & email address. If she is a reporter I am sure she is much better at this than I am. Is your phone number unlisted? If not all she has to do is look up "exactly where you live" on the internet. I agree with everyone else proceed with caution. I agree with Prisca - ask to meet at her office. And intervew her before jumping in.

  • Guest 77
    Guest 77

    Why didn't she give you 'her' address? For me, it would be OK because I don't care. For you, proceed with caution. How did she get your email by the way? Did you question her as to why she picked YOU to be interviewed?

    Guest 77

  • Francois

    DO NOT LET THEM EVEN KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE, much less let them inside.

    Protect yourself first above all things. They don't need to know where you live. If they want a homey atmosphere, they can always set up a "cozy" living room setting in a studio somewhere.


  • rocketman

    I can't see why they'd need to know your exact location. Beware.

  • topanga

    why dont you rent a music or dance rehersal room, a small one for ten dollars an hour?

    That way you can cry curse scream and shout all you need to. thats usually how these trips down wt memory lane go.

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