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  • danb71

    hey all:

    first off, i want to say how much reading your posts along with the rest of this site (and others) has helped in the last year or so. i've been out--df'd--since '95 and was pretty comfy with my reasons for leaving, till my fiancee turned me on to this site last summer. i must have lost a whole month reading experiences, then getting c.o.c. and the other books. answers to questions i'd buried in my mind for years, all right there and making perfect sense. one of these days i'll tell my story, it's a familiar one. you'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll save five bucks.

    but the reason for the post is, i was contacted a month ago via e-mail by someone named susan lee from "four door productions" who said she was doing a documentary on jw's and wanted to interview me as an ex-jw etc etc. i replied, what do you need to know that you don't have access to from all these websites etc? and she said she wanted to get my thoughts on their organization as an ex-jw. i replied, sure, let's meet at a starbucks by my restaurant. she replies, can we come to your house? we need to know exactly where you live (that's a quote). i reply, i'd rather meet at a public place. a week goes by and then another request to meet in my home because "starbucks is too noisy".

    my question is, have any of you been contacted in a similar way? this is just uber-creepy. something isn't right here, i'm ignoring any further e-mail from them.

    d (i've got to get a better screen name)

  • Valis

    Hey dan...maybe they want a homey environ for their documentary? thing you could do is ask to meet at their office first.. This could clear the air and you could find out who they were and find out their motives before anything else occurs. Otherwise if they refuse an initial meeting in a public place then they are disregarding your feelings/concerns and are not worthy of your time. Welcome to the forum BTW...


    District Overbeer

  • Gopher


    I'm glad you're here!!

    Trust your instincts on this one, buddy. You are under no obligation to say anything to anyone. They need to know EXACTLY where you live? Hmmmm....

    BTW, isn't "four doors" a distinctive features of all JW cars? You're not theocratic if you own a 2-door car, right? Something doesn't sound right about this whole setup.

    But of course if you want to make your views known to a worldwide audience, you've already come to the right place!!

  • DJ


    I would watch out for them. Do you have any idea about why they are so interested in you or how they even know who you are? Sounds weird to me.

  • freedom96
  • freedom96

    Sure does sound odd. I would get much more information before doing anything.

  • COMF

    Genuine interviewers would understand your apprehension and reluctance to meet at home. I think Valis has a good idea about meeting at their office. Go with that and see what reaction you get. You could turn their own line back on them: "I need to know exactly where you're located."

  • danb71

    thanks all for your input. gopher, the 4 door thing is an odd coincidence right? will proceed with caution.



    Hi Dan. Glad to hear from you.

    I have participated in an on-line interview of sorts re: being an ex-JW.

    The important thing to remember, is knowing how this information is going to be used.

    In some instances, the person interviewing you may require your written authorization to use your information, even though you consented to be interviewed.

    Of course, ask for references and a bit of background of the interviewer: sort of like interviewing them back.

    Ask if you can get a copy or rough draft of what they are going to print, if it is print media. But I believe if it is a video interviewer there should be a transcript. I've done transcripts for TV as a summer job, so I know about that, and they had people sign a consent form.

    Exercise caution, but don't be afraid, use common sense, which I'm sure you will.

    Remember once this interview is over and done with and the information goes with the interviewer, it's nearly impossible to retract what you've said.

    Aside from that, if it's an accurate account of your experience, then 'tell the world'.

    Someone, somewhere will be moved by it and seek out other ex-JWs. Take care, and good luck with the interview should you proceed with it.

  • Prisca
    she replies, can we come to your house? we need to know exactly where you live (that's a quote).

    I find this a bit of a worry.

    If you do agree to meet up with her, meet her either at her office, or somewhere public. If a stranger said something like that to me, I would be very concerned!

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