Last Night's Nightmare

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  • SYN

    Dreams rock! There's not many that I remember, but those I do are in Technicolour with Dolby Surround Sound (this is probably an artifact of my own immersion in too many scifi books since a very young age, hehe). Usually when I do begin remembering names, it's an indicator that something big is about to happen. Can't go into more details now as I have to head for home, but tomorrow I'll sit down and write a little about some dreams I've had recently.

    Cheers guys!

  • bittersweet

    Ok Robyn,

    Here's one of my freaky dreams from many years ago.I was about 7 when I had this dream.

    We are driving in my moms blue van, the kind of van that has pictures of the ocean and mountains in the windows(can you tell it's the 70's?).We stop at the Kingdom Hall (although in my dream it's not a KH,but a store of some sorts), and my mom gets out and goes in,leaving me,my brother,and my sister alone.After a couple hours of waiting,my mom still hasn't come out.My older sister(10 at the time) decides she's going to drive us home.We yell at her not to because she is too young to know how to drive,but she decides to anyway. Almost as soon as we pull out of the parking lot,the van starts to swerve,and we smash into a guardrail.The van completely folds up like an accordian.and then........ a giant picks up the van and stats playing it like it is an accordian,and we are trapped inside falling all over the place!!! LOL

    I have so many more,but that one always cracks me up!

  • Granny Linda
    Granny Linda

    Wow, I just love dreaming. Especially those really intense dreams that on occasion make me think there is more to some than others. I haven't had a doom and gloom dream though in many, many years...thankfully.

    Very recently though I did have one of those 'intense' dreams that brought me face to face with a former JW girlfriend of sorts. Her family was very kind to my family and often we teenagers would do crafty things at their home. Anyhow in this dream I was whisped away, ya know in those moments when you can go from one location to another without really knowing how you got there...and there was M.V. I had not even thought of that girl in over 40 years, so when we were face to face (at an assembly it seemed like, although those people just seemed to float right by us and could not interfer) this girl, now a woman of course was on oxygen, looked very much the same, just older of course, and we discussed how JW's cannot see the worth of another. All in all that dream made an impression upon me and I did not open my eyes for some time because I wanted to savor the moment, so too speak.

    Here, too, with so-called psychics...yeap. Same, same. I've had some of my best times hanging out with some of them, but in the end it all came down to what others have already mentioned here. I'd not trade a moment of experiencing such fun. And just like JW's, they really don't like it when you disagree and/or want nothing to do with their brand of whatever it is they are peddling this week. OMG...there are so many stories.

    Our one "psychic" friend told me years ago that most people are interested in two things only - Money, and their Love Life. And yes, many of them are smug. But my husband and I still have our "spirit guide" portraits that were given to us by a now deceased traveling psychic artist who we considered our friend.

    Now his widow is an entirely different story...EEE GADS. What a total nut case!!!!!

    Then I remember the dream I had just a few years ago about drowning. It was not scarey in the lest. The moment I was aware of my physical death, I just rose up from the water and floated around the small boat taking it all in. Yes indeedy. I love dreams. And what about the ones' where you are jerked awake from a deep sleep with the ever real sensation of being yanked back into your body through the abdomen. That was weird. Not scarey, just weird.

    Thanks for the post.


  • Robdar

    Hi everybody,

    Sorry it has taken a while to respond. I've been busy and I have a guest from out of town. But it is a beautiful morning in KC and since I rarely sleep anymore and everyone in the household is sleeping except for me and the cats who are having breakfast.....

    Be glad you wake up, and it's simply that: a dream


    Yes, I am glad that it is only a dream. But sometimes, in that in-between-period, it is hard to tell which is the illusion and which state I am in--asleep or awake. Heck it's hard for me to tell during the day sometimes.


    Bless your heart, I really feel for you with the Armageddon dreams. I average 1 a year. They are always vivid. But in my dreams, I must still be a dub because I am not afraid for myself, only for others. Still the vision of "the hand of God" can be quite terrifying. Thank you for your offer to write and talk with you about my divorce. I may do that. It has not been easy and he is doing everything in his power to hurt me. It would seem that after almost 14 years, he would be tired of doing that. Ah well, not too much longer and I will not have to deal with him until next April for taxes.

    Hi (((((((Mystery))))))

    Are you enjoying the forum? I hope that you are. Again, welcome.

    No, my x is not a JW. He is a bloody Orthodox. He can lie, cheat, be abusive or whatever and all he has to do is go to the priest for absolution. As easy as going to McDonalds to get a burger. I guess if Christ is the correct way, he IS forgiven. If Budda is right though, I guess I will see his ass next life time. Oh lucky me.

    Not because I didn’t want to leave, but because of how “wrong” it was to divorce

    Yes, I have had those thoughts too. I gave my solemn vow. I kept it. He didn't. He told me last year that he thinks that the only reason he ever wanted me to begin with is because he thought I was gorgeous and I didn't want him. He liked the challenge, he said it was a domination thing. It took him almost 3 years of dating, but in the end, he "got the trophy" (direct quote) and I got the boobie prize.

    With the stress of your divorce a lot of things will probably surface. Old beliefs. Old memories. Guilt. Doubts. I found it good to keep a journal.

    This is so true. BTW, I have taken your advice and started a journal. A journal that includes my dreams and what I would like to say to him if I had the chance.

    Can't go into more details now as I have to head for home, but tomorrow I'll sit down and write a little about some dreams I've had recently


    I look forward to hearing some of those dreams. You are a splendid writer. It does not surprise me at all that you dream in Technicolour with Dolby Surround Sound.


    Giants, vans and accordians. That was a cool dream. Thank you for sharing it.

    And what about the ones' where you are jerked awake from a deep sleep with the ever real sensation of being yanked back into your body through the abdomen. That was weird. Not scarey, just weird.

    Granny Linda

    I agree, those kind of dreams are weird. I always think that my soul must have been traveling when I have those.

    I got your private message. I want to talk to you sometimes too. Your posts interest me. You have had an interesting life and I would like to hear more about it sometimes.

    Thanks so much for your responses, everybody. They have helped me tremendously



  • VeniceIT

    Hey Robin,

    ohh great I'm finally in someone’s dream and I'm a Wuss!!! great just great. hehhe wonder what I was up to hahah.

    I had a dream last week that I was in service, all the sudden I was walking to the door with a book bag and I was like what on earth am I supposed to say, I can't offer this crap to anyone, so I'll make my partner take the door and try to get out of here. After that door I convinced the group to go have a nice lunch, then the rest of the dream was bout the waitress who would never take my order hahahhaha.

    Ohh and btw i was born in 1978 wonder if there's any significance there hmmmmmmmmm . I've had some pretty strange reoccuring dreams from childhood that all pretty much came true when I left the borg. I'll share those when I have the time.


  • Realist


    that was a cute dream (offering the cats a kitty treat ).

    i never was a JW but i still have nightmares from my final exams at highschool!

  • Mulan

    I have had some really weird dreams lately, so it's neat to find this site.

    One was about insects, and freaked me out so badly, I went on the internet to find out what it might mean. This is the dream: We are at Joy2bfree's house and in the room they have for us, (we are visiting them next week) were bugs...............lots of them. It hadn't been vacuumed in years. Spiders, ants, flies, and moths just everywhere. The carpet was wrinkled in the corners and nests of spiders were there in the folds of the carpet, which was red by the way. The ceiling had cobwebs all over in the corners and they were full of spider's nests.

    This is a great site to look up dream meanings.

    According to that site, my insect dream means: "A dream about insects suggests the dreamer must confront unpleasant feelings, or possibly an unpleasant person, in real life before a situation will be resolved. " I don't know how to figure that out.

  • Mulan

    For everyone who dreams about Armageddon, this is what that supposedly means:

    To dream of the apocalypse (end of the world), symbolizes an emotional and dramatic change taking place within yourself. The dream may also indicate the end of one kind of lifestyle and the beginning of another.

  • safe4kids

    well apparently Mulan you've stayed at Joy and Steves before

  • VeniceIT

    HEHEH whoops

    the above quote was actually mine bwahhahah I forgot to log Safe out before I posted hahhaa she's gonna kill me, but at least I umm a retracted it right

    BWHAHAHAHHAHAHA just kidding their place is always sparkling clean hahhaha just couldn't resist.


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