Listen to yourselves !

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  • Brummie

    Hi hanus (and if you did post here before) welcome back


  • gumby


    Im just eager to find out why people continue to visit this forum when their Watchtower crumbled a long time back

    Mine crumbled......but my wifes, and my daughters, and my grandkids, and my sisters, and my aunts, and all my best friends........Watchtower HASN'T crumbled. They won't have anything to do with me anymore........but I suppose I should just "drop it" ...or "get over it" you say?

    Either you were NEVER "in" deep......or never had family and friends in.

    Don't compare yourself to others here. As you have already one agrees with this idea of yours.....mainly because your thought goes against the human process.


  • shera
    • Many people on this board seem almost in fear of the Watchtower. By the sheer mention of 'troll' everytime somebody suspect arrives on this forum you revive that fear that trembles inside you.
    • By being a member on this site you all are building personal Watchtowers inside of you. How can you be free from something you hate when you continue to revisit your past ? You all seem so obsessed with the Watchtower and you refuse to let it go.

    My personal answers to this,I donot fear the watch tower,or the ones who have any control in the WTS.

    LOL,the word troll does not make tremble,anyone who causes trouble here,sooo...aaaannnd?I think just about anyone here has no fear of trolls.Look at the posts towards trolls.

    Trust me,I have no WTS inside of me,I was out for 10 yrs before I started to come to these sites and if anything,these sites have helped me get the WT OUT of me.Thankyou Simon and Angard(sp?) I have been letting go more and more every day.

    You said you have never been a JW,so who do you think you are comming here and telling us what we feel?

  • Hamas


    You said you have never been a JW,so who do you think you are comming here and telling us what we feel?

    Erm, no I didn't say that. This is what I said :

    I am not a Jehovahs Witness and I am in no religion

    In another post, I wrote :

    I fully understand the Witness experience, being an active Witness for many years

    So you see I was an active JW for many years and I have just as much right as you to comment on any issue that is JW related.

    Big Tex:

    I do not believe you are interested in other people's feelings or experiences

    Now who is being judgemental ? You judge me by means of a few words and statements that I have wrote in this forum ? You know nothing about the person that I am, so by judging me on my feelings you instantly fall into the trap you yourself mention :

    I am what I am. Unlike you, I do not sit in judgment on others.


    Either you were NEVER "in" deep......or never had family and friends in.
    Wrong on both counts. Firstly, I was an active witness for over 19 years and secondly most of the people I know quite personally are Jehovah's Witnesses. And I still have family that are Jehovah's Witnesses. I know all to well about these issues.
  • nilfun
    We should all forget the Watchtower and the memories it has imprinted on our minds. Only then shall we be free from that Organization.

    Forget the Watchtower? but what about "lest we forget" and all that good stuff?

    Yes, Hamas, moving on can be a good thing. But each in their own time, in their own way. No such thing as "should" when it comes to mending a shattered spirit.

    Being a part of this forum is a great support for those of us who are healing... I am so glad you are already past it all. Bravo!

    You can tell people here to "listen to [our]selves" til the cows come home but...I'll say it again, each heals in his own time, in his own way.

    For example, a big part of my own healing was to go through the court process and seeing justice served on the man that abused me. It was difficult and scary for me, and I did not realize how much the court experience helped me to change and grow until much later.

    I wonder how well my healing process would have gone if there had been no justice for me, if my abuser had never been made to be accountable for his actions.

    Some of the situations of people here on (& off) the board require justice and an accounting. Until that happens, they won't "get over it".

    Justice & an accounting....I don't believe that is too much to ask...

    Take care

  • shera

    Ok,I stand corrected on the ,not being a JW part.

  • mouthy

    Welcome back Bud!!!But I would like to tell you what happens to me when I LISTEN TO MYSELF!!!!

    I hear myself say " Oh How I love the Jehovahs Witnesses- because you were there so long Grace- why not try to do what MY God says.... Do unto others & you want them to do to you!!!!If someone comes along that "rattles your chains" pray for them even though they tell you they have no religion as Hamas says..He says he is bored. So the kindest thing you can do Grace -is keep him occupied with what you talk to yourself about >> that is>> Forgive him he knows not what he is doing- he seems to want to belong > but isnt quite sure how to. So O.K. Grace do your thing pray for him."

    Father you see this person on the board -who seems to have "ticked " a few off- His name is Haman- ( although his name sounds very close to the one who got hung in scripture) .alias something else but you know him dont you?? -he isnt in a corner where your concerned.He seems to have broken free from the WT grip but he hasnt found LOVE yet>> Flood him with your Spirit -so that he will know how to enter a "room" with the light of love showing Thanks!!!!


    Just be quite!..Say absolutley nothing!..Get on with your lives!.. Go away!..WBTS needs you to be Silent!!.....OUTLAW

  • SpannerintheWorks

    Actually, that's quite funny: Mouthy prays for Hamas, then Outlaw (The Deity) answers at exactly the same time...LOL!


  • avishai

    A postulate that this poster is either ikhandi, who posted the similar post..., titled, why not just let it go?

    OR the poster is jjrizzo, or one of his buddies, using a user name of an org. dedicated to the destruction of israel

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