I took Communion today..........

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  • Ravyn

    Catholic Communion tastes like unflavored chips of ice cream cones and the wine is sort of sherry-ish. Very dry wafers and hard to keep from sticking to the roof of your mouth, and I always think of the superstition of not biting the wafer because Jesus' bones were not broken(but that IS a superstition and you ARE allowed to bite it and chew it.) It dissolves into a sticky paste, and hopefully you are in a church that also uses the cup and you get to take a goodly gulp of wine to wash it down. I like the taste of the wine-as I understand it, it is wine with holy water which is water spiked with certain incense-like herbs and blessed of course.


  • Robdar

    About 10 minutes later I puked it all up on the front steps of the church. I thought it was gross.

    Further proof of your devilish, pagan ways, Capone!

    Hehe, just joking. I love my district overbeer.

    Hey yall, Episcopalian communion wine is totally delicious. I've had Episcopalian communion in KC and in Key Largo. Both times the wine was yummy! Episcopalian communions are open to the public, btw.


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