Do you Represent God or a Magazine Company ????????????????

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  • nightwarrior

    The question of whos faith , built the j.w organization ,As we know charles taz russell the founding member, whom started the organization,what did he beleive in,why was he considerd apostate ,what conections astrology of and pyramidology led him to use the pyramids as defining the dates jehovahs witnesess recognise as being evident in there calculations,did jesus use the stars to calculate any significant events pertaining to mans future, why was the founding farther terminated by the society, why were most of his written works suddenly deemed apostate,E.G THE AID BOOK ,Used when i came into the truth or so called truth ,what is the difference between a magazine printing company and the modern day watchtower organization, one claims to work in gods name ,the other doesnot make any claims at all.


    As you owe it to yourself.are you really serving jehovah or just a magazine money mad organization.

  • JBean

    oooohh... when did the Aid Book become apostate material? I've never heard that one? Do you have anything written that states this? Just real interested on that one... cos that was one of the books that was ALWAYS referenced...

  • Loris

    The Aid Book became apostate literature the same time it's main researcher/writer was DF'd. The new and improved Insite Volumes 1 & 2 were it's replacement. Of course they were mostly word for word copies of the Aid Book. with color pictures. I do not think it was ever put into print that the Aid Book was apostate. It was a well known rumor.


  • Gamaliel

    This is just opinion, but I can't imagine the WTS ever calling the Aid book apostate material. It's replaced and the hint is there that there just might be material in the Aid book that you should be suspicious of. But they will never point it out specifically.

    Also they have never called Russell's works apostate material, either. Russell would never be considered an apostate. The closest thing the JWs have published that is now considered apostate material are the two books: A Commentary on the Letter of James and Choosing the Best Way of Life (which was a commentary on Peter).


  • dedalus

    are you really serving jehovah or just a magazine money mad organization.

    Neither is worth serving -- the first is imaginary, the second insidious.


  • bebu

    Am I reading this right??

    Do you mean to say that the WT has published books that they now consider apostate?? Or is that an overstatement? THAT IS AMAZING, if true.

    Not having the JW background, there are some books I don't recognize yet. The ones Gamaliel mentioned are among them.

    Could someone clarify this for me? And, could you give dates as to when these were published, and when they were called "apostate"?

    Thanks so much,


  • Ed
    Do you mean to say that the WT has published books that they now consider apostate??

    The Aid book ("Aid to Bible Understanding") was a big blue reference book much like an encyclopaedia, with an entry for everything in the bible from Aaron to Zophar. I think it was published in the 1960's. The person who was given the task of compiling this thing (or a large portion of it) was former GB member Ray Franz. In one of his later books, Ray tells about how his doubts about certain teachings at that time actually influenced his writing - when there were things he disagreed with, he just skirted around the issue as best he could and hoped no-one would notice.

  • Gamaliel


    To keep anyone from having the same reaction you just had, I doubt they will ever use those words. Ed already explained the Aid book (1969 (a-e), 1971 (entire). It became virtually unavailable even before they were ready to replace it with Insight I, II (1988).

    The books I mentioned:

    Choosing The Best Way Of Life, 1979
    Commentary on the Letter of James, 1979
    were both made unavailable almost immediately after Ray Franz was DF'd has the following comment:

    Certain books were suspected of contamination already, The Commentary on James, and Choosing the Best Way of Life, for they made no customary mention of class distinctions, so sacred to the old men for keeping everyone in their place. Their writers were soon disfellowshipped.

    Even today, if you go on some sites where JWs list their literature they may list everything (and I mean everything) except these two books. I also found two sites this morning from google where these two books were listed with the phrase added "(written by an apostate)". The warning is not included on the Aid book listings I found, partly I'd guess, because the Society does not want the average publisher to think they entrusted such a huge project to an apostate.

    There are only a very few lines in the "Choosing" book which are specifically pro-JW, all the rest could be used in any good Christian church and they wouldn't suspect it came from JW's. The Commentary on James is even cleaner and more free of all JW contamination. The writers of both were finally disfellowshiped, but a lot of the "Christian" non-JW thinking that went into these books also made its way into the 1977-1981 Watchtowers, still available in bound volumes. I haven't checked to see if any of the "pure Christian" commentary has been cleaned up from the reprinted bound volumes. I plan to get a CD and check it out some day.


  • minimus

    I just had this discussion with my mother on Sunday. I had her read a subject from the Insight books while I read it outloud from the AID book. EVERYTHING was the same. I explained to her that 95% of the books are identical. The only reason they replaced it was because Ray Franz wrote it! She was shocked! She then mentioned that the Society doesn't say that we shouldn't try to place certain books during a campaign to get rid of all the old literature. she realized that the Society couldn't say, Except these 3 books".

  • bebu

    Thanks Ed, Gamaliel, and Minimus! I really appreciate your time and help. I will find out if my neighbor has this book at all, and find out what she thinks about it... just to find out if she has any opinion...

    Hey, Gamaliel, I really enjoy all your posts! You have invaluable insight. And I especially appreciate how respectful you are of everyone, even those you disagree with. You chose a good moniker.

    Mrs N: I have often wondered how people could equate a periodical with the the eternal Word of God. And then turn it into a business... !


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