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  • TD

    The JWs I know (which admittedly are more liberal than most) are suddenly into prepping to one degree or another. Some have simply assembled "go bags" with basic common sense supplies in case they need to bug out in the event of a natural disaster and others seem to be seriously into it, almost to the degree to which Mormons are. (e.g. Backup generators and a year's supply of food and water)

    I'm wondering if this is just a regional, isolated thing or if it comes from higher up in the JW leadership?

    This is not a criticism. (Far from it.)

  • llubrevlis2000

    Yes all publishers have a go bag and recently been told to have food and water stored

    every group overseer and assistant have to check everyone in the group is ok and if there is anything they need and then the cong will all help anyone in need, or the branch if it’s a big need.

    every cong has a bug out location if they can’t meet at the khall which would be the first choice

  • Vanderhoven7

    What about the shotgun to ward off hungry animals only, especially the ones that try to steal your generators and leave you in the dark.

  • Balaamsass2

    Yes, it got more extreme in the last 15 years or so. My 80 yr old mom and her sister had "Go bags". My mom couldn't walk one block :) She actually seemed excited about showing people her bag. What I found interesting, is when she was younger she said repeatedly, that "JWs in comparison to Mormons, rely on Jehovah and the angels instead of men and hoarding".

    I have always thought having a week's supplies, and prescriptions are a great idea for earthquakes, fires, etc. As a kid, My dad a WW2 veteran, a non-JW (who got stuck on Guadalcanal... undersupplied for months) insisted we always have one-month supplies "just in case".

  • Fisherman

    comes from higher up in the JW leadership.

    Implying that something may be imminent. Not a promise or guarantee but be prepared and ready to go just in case is the drift. People are reading into things said.

  • FedUpJW

    What about the shotgun to ward off hungry animals only

    Whether or not I were still running the JW hamster wheel I would still have a "bug out" bag ready. That is just good sense these days. It has two weeks of non-perishable food, water treatment tablets (much lighter than water to carry), a good first aid kit, basic survival supplies and best of all three extra boxes of .45 ACP hollow points and three fully loaded magazines for my trusty 1911 .45 "hammer". For hungry "animals" y'know.

  • WTWizard

    And what happens when a real problem hits? How long before the hounders start gathering everything people have bought and piling it into a communal pile. That way, those who did not prepare (perhaps because they were too busy pious-sneering and putting their trust in that beady-eyed monster thing to worry about the chance of a disaster or famine) will get all the items those who were smart enough to pick up these things.

    And in practice, this means the majority of the congregation. There are a relatively few that prep, leaving the majority of the congregation to trust in that beady-eyed monster thing. Once the hounders go around and steal everything from those who prepped to place into a communal pile, it will become obvious just how tiny a percentage of people actually prepped.

  • enoughisenough

    years ago I put together the suggested go bag...a couple changes of clothes, comfortable shoes...a couple years went by and I opened the go bag...the shoes were molded and the clothes no longer fit. I don't have such a bag now. But I do have to wonder, in case of emergency, I have nowhere to go anyway. I have watched videos of people leaving Florida when horrible storms were predicted and then to get stuck in traffic for endless hours. I watched those leaving California with the sides of the road burning. How horrid! My sister use to talk of having a stock pile of food etc...I keep the cupboards stocked here, but could last a few weeks...if things get bad enough , you will be killed for your survivalist stockpiles. I remember watching some videos after hurricane Katrina...people in fema camps and prison boats...wonder what ever happened to those people? (the ones in the camps were treated like prisoners.) Some volunteers went to help out only to tell of the unnecessary killing of some of the people effected by the storm. If something really bad happens around here, the angels will have to lead me out like they did Lot!

  • LongHairGal


    I seem to remember during the pandemic (maybe you remember as well) there were lists and that it was suggested that people who had ‘surplus’ items were asked to donate them to a communal area, or something along those lines.. I thought that was rather nervy, to say the least. Surplus? Really? And who is to determine what constitutes surplus??? Or, are people supposed to be made to feel guilty?

    Yes, this is most certainly about the few wise JWs preparing and types who couldn’t be bothered expecting to benefit from other people’s planning.. Sounds exactly like when responsible working people in congregations are hit up for money to give to the ‘pious-sneers’ and others who didn’t work or save.. And my JW acquaintances wonder why I wouldn’t want to be seen in the hall nowadays or be around any of them?!

  • BluesBrother

    Go-bags are a must for diligent dubs and that comes from on high... However they are only intended for a natural disaster not the end of the system. Depending on where you live , that is not a bad idea these days, seeing the news of American weather.

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