Do You Think That You're A Little Bit Crazy???

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  • minimus

    I spent the week with a few people, 2 JW's and their 2 non-believing husbands. A few different situations arose that suggested to me that some of these people are a little bit crazy. Now, I'm not talking about certifiably crazy,I'm talking about just a little bit nuts. Do you think that we're all a little off our rockers, at times, or do you think that we can blame most of the nonsense we see on alcohol?

  • Cicatrix

    Well, I've found my cheese sliding off my cracker every so often. Especially in the years before I bailed from the good ship Watchtower.

    Being "crazy" or "neurotic" for most people just means that you are having a really hard time dealing with something in your life. "Crazy" is usually just an exaggeration of normal behavior in most cases.

    Me, I collect songs, key chains, bumper stickers, etc. that mention the word crazy, or that deal with being insane in some way. This was my reaction to my in-laws going about town and telling everyone that I was crazy (I verified the rumor and the source of the rumor with several reliable sources). So who was more "crazy". Petty, jealous in-laws, or me when I turned the whole episode into a big joke I enjoy participating in to this day?:)

    But alcohol definitely seems to up the amperage. I just went out with some friends about three weeks ago, and was surprised how people act after a few drinks. Don't know how they can do it every single weekend!

  • Maverick

    If a military person had 'issues' they would run a psych evaluation on him. If he expressed a strong belief he was mentally perfect and wanted to stay in the service at all cost, this was considered a sure sign he was unfit for duty. The sane question their sanity all the time, the loonies 'know' they are fine and everyone else has a problem. The fact that you even ask this question should be encouraging. Maverick, deranged, delirous, and don't know it!

  • wednesday

    I think some of the beliefs of JWS tend to make them crazy. Beliefs like living forever and never dieing; the demons are everywhere and out to get u; everyone is bad except jws& normal feelings are 'bad' and sinful. U must be at 3 meetings a week, study, go in service, study for meetings and comment, give talks, watch every sinful tendency u may have, pray for forgiveness, pummel your body and lead it as a slave. I could go on, but u get the idea. Being jws , u are never good enough, no matter what u do. it makes u crazy.

  • dottie

    I can be crazy some days more than others

  • simplesally

    Not me, I'm completely sane........... I only abandoned my family to become a JW then got df'd so I could be in total isolation!

  • Guest 77
  • Guest 77
    Guest 77

    My wife says I'm not normal. Not easily swayed is more like it. I love challenges, now, would you consider that in the crazy category, if you do, then I'm one. Of course walking on steel beams many stories above street level can be considered crazy too. Crazy, sick or daring/challenging?

    Guest 77

  • SYN

    Clinically insane over here, but anyone who's read anything I've written would know that by now Oh and I grin a lot too. Too much, sometimes. See what I mean?

  • berylblue

    No. Absolutely not.

    I listened to people tell me I was crazy all my life. I used to believe them. I don't anymore.

    I'm very unusual in some ways, but I am in no way, shape or form, crazy.

    I know that now. I used to play to my "audience", and give them what they wanted. Like believing myself that I had multiple personality disorder. I do not; nor have I ever. I dissociate at times, but so do we all. Daydreaming itself is a mild form of dissociation.

    All my critics go f themselves, because I'm just fine. Flawed but fine.


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