Time for me 2 say goodbye

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  • Skeptic

    Iron Eagle, I have enjoyed your posts and will miss them. I wish you the best.

    People seem to think that they are no longer living under 'their rules any more' so they can do what they want...I feel that by remaining a member of this forum, it will prove to be a stumbling block between me and God.

    Well, just remember, you are on a planet full of people who are doing what they want. You decide what you choose to do about it. I find most people on this board to be pretty decent.

    (b) Most posts on this forum are just plain junk written by people that are just plain bored at the time.

    I have grown tired of what I post being twisted out of context even a year later by a few with an agenda, so I am going to become a fluff poster. So at least you will be spared my fluff posts, which are typically lamer than the serious stuff I post.

    Some posts have been excellent and very informative. Yet for the most part, this place is a breeding ground for boredom and sadness so I bid you all farewell.

    Like all sites, this one has it boring and/or flame war negativity times. During those times, why not just stop posting? There is no need for a "this site is so bad, blah, blah" post. At most, just post "I am taking a break for a while, don't know when I will be back." That way, you get to leave with grace and style. And you don't have to look foolish if you are back in a few weeks.

    Take a break. If you want, return. I enjoy your posts.


  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Don't let the door hit ya on the way out.

  • AGuest

    Dearest Iron Eagle... may you have peace! And permit me to respond, please? Thank you!

    I want to ask you about your "form of" godly devotion: you have expressed concern that folks here would come between you and God. But, in truth, there should only be ONE thing... or person, I should say... between you and God... Christ. And as "Paul" put it, WHO will separate us from the love of the Christ? Will tribulation or distress or persecution or hunger or nakedness or danger or sword? Or are you not CONVINCED that "neither death nor life nor angels nor governments nor things now here nor things to come nor powers nor height nor depth NOR ANY OTHER CREATION will be able to separate us from God's love that is in JAHESHUA MISCHAJAH our Lord?"

    May I ask you: one what is your "house" built? On your OWN faith? Or that of others? If you relationship with God is built on the "rock-mass" of faith taught us by Christ, which faith YOU possess (or at least, you give the impression you do), then there is nothing and NOBODY... here... or ANYWHERE... that can come between you and God. No father, no mother, no sister, no brother, no child, no friend... no enemy.

    True, "Paul" spoke about "bad association;" however, the "association" he spoke of was IN the congregation (today, in the Organization!). How is that? Because it was due to SUPERFINESS of... ummm "spirituality" that ones held themselves above others... thinking they were "cleaner", better, per se... and thus able to judge others and/or put them back under Law.

    I ask YOU, though: with whom did my Lord "hang-out"? The self-righteous Pharisees... who, although may have had the APPEARANCE of righteousness, were actually wicked in heart, deceitful hypocrites who judged others, while they themselves existed in sin (for ALL have sinned!)? Or was it WITH sinners and tax collectors that he was found? I say to you, as my Lord is recorded to have said: "[He] did not come to save RIGHTEOUS people... for righteous people have no NEED of salvation." (They can, can they not, save themselves?) No, he CAME... to save SINNERS.

    I challenge you, then, dear one: rather than abandon these for the sake of your own perceived "righteousness", why don't YOU stay and set an example? Indeed, how WILL they hear... if no one speaks?

    You can, of course, do what you will, but I ask you not to do this under the guise of being a "christian." For such label would be false in your case: IF you are so clean, then do the "work" of such cleanliness... and go RELEASING... rather than condemning. IF you are a true "light", then rather than hide your light under a basket, let it SHINE! IF...

    Otherwise, your self-proclaimed righteousness... and resultant condemnation of those here... is hypocrisy... and, therefore, leaven. Thus, I bid you, beware! True, my Lord's KINGDOM is no part of the world and so, those of us who "belong" to it are no part of THIS world. But my Lord did NOT separate himself from the people of the world, including those who worshipped at the temple, nor did he reject Jerusalem... or Capernaum... or Chorazin. Rather, THEY... rejected HIM!

    I bid you, IF you are a "christian"... one chosen and anointed such as that word suggests, may you do the "works" of a christian... which includes love... toward even your enemies. If then, Christ showed YOU love... by accepting YOU... although you existed in sin... who then are YOU... to reject ANY? Love, dear one... does not look out... for its OWN interest... but believes all, HOPES all... BEARS all. It NEVER fails.

    May you have ears to hears.

    Your servant, as I am servant to all those of the Household of God, Israel, and those who go with them... and a slave of Christ,


  • goofy

    Sometimes the slow fade is best in all cased of life, including this forum should a person decide to leave, why hurt others feelings? Everyone here seems a little lost but a lot nice, why hurtful parting comments? Best to fade away. Maybe in the future you will see this when leaving a group or person. But best wishes to you.

  • Navigator

    Iron Eagle

    You can look the world over and you will never find God. That is, until you begin to look in the place where He is; WITHIN. The biggest stumbling block to the awareness of His presence is JUDGEMENT. LET IT GO! Good luck on your journey! You can't fail you know.

  • greven

    I am sorry to see you go!

    Good luck on your journey and do not hesitate to drop in and say hi once in a while!


  • Abaddon
    Many people on this board have had such a bad experience as a witness that they have decided to deviate so much from the Bible and what it tells us. People seem to think that they are no longer living under 'their rules any more' so they can do what they want. Jesus warned us against Christian sects and false prophets so we should not let a bad experience get in the way of trying to lead a life that brings glory to God. I feel that by remaining a member of this forum, it will prove to be a stumbling block between me and God.

    So, you condemn people of for not leading their life in a way you cannot prove is the right way of life, which, as you have shown a jugemental attitude and a lack of love toward your fellow man, is something you can't even do yourself.

    Could you clue me up on precisely where your moral high ground is?

    I feel VERY sorry for you. Jesus consorted with prostitutes and tax collectors, and you are too precious to mix with ordinary people. On top of that, you practise shunning. Oh, yes, you're a homophobe too, aren't you? I believe you advocated crucifying gays. Mmmm... can we feel the Christian love, brothers and sisters? NO, cause you don't seem to have any love other than that for your self-rightousness.

    I really really hope you overcome your unChristlike attitude, your judgementalism, and the relics of cultish behaviour you all-to-clearly carry with you.

    Maybe then you can find a peace and happiness in your life that does not stem from establishing your supposed superiority.

    Now, when you're quite done 'praying on a street corner', again, another hypocritical divergence from the creed you claim to follow, you can go away and get yourself better.

    Sadly, it's here you need to be to get better.

    So stay, and learn.

  • Robdar

    Iron Eagle,

    Have a good life. Come back when you can. I will miss your posts.



  • Tyler

    My advice to you Iron Eagle is:

    Get A Life!


    I’m surprised you weren’t kicked off for your insulting behaviour!!

  • gumby
    Iron Eagle Re: What's the big deal about Homosexuality?

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    I think all gays should and will be crucified. The west has encouraged this kind of behaviour in Hollywood and in the media. Gee Iron....WWJD? Unless you return to dubdom.....you'll be back. Gumby

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