Stop a Jw, do a nightwarrior....

by nightwarrior 11 Replies latest jw friends

  • mattnoel

    Actually to be honest, I dont mind at all ! Would quite relish in it.

  • ARoarer

    The other side to that is when you go up to them and smile and talk to them, they ignore you and walk away. This has happened to members in my family. When that happens we can actually be "enabling" them to carry out the act of shunning you which in itself is a passive aggressive way they can treat you as if you have been 'killed'. So usually now if I see them, I prefer to look at them as if I were looking at some weird, strange, unbalanced person that I would prefer to avoid, but give a half hearted , forced hi, and roll my eyes at them. Makes them feel kind of silly, because you know they are shaking in thier boots if they are alone and wondering how to act with you. Like you look at them and go PPPPPPHSSSHHH!!!!!

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