Ooooh them nasty 'ol JW's

by ScoobySnax 34 Replies latest jw friends

  • neyank

    Scooby's being sarcastic here.

    It's because there's a lot of negitivity being shown about them.

    Right scooby?

    There's good and bad in every religion.

    This just happens to be a message board filled with people that know a lot about the WTS and their religion.

    So of course there are going to be some negative things said about them.

    As the saying goes: The truth hurts.



    Scoobz.....the Canuck contingency have a Nerf Crotch Bat - taking aim!

  • Xena
    I mean aren't they just.

    hhmmm yes some of them oldest sister pops to mind...

    Just nasty. what can you do with them.

    I tend to ignore them nowdays, they seem to like it that way.

    Its beyond me.

    Not that difficult to wrap your mind around if you put your mind to it you could do it

    Tch, what to do eh, I ask you.

    And I told you...

    Pesky sorts, poking about in buisness not of they're own.JWs eh?

    hhhmmm yea well I would say nosing about in other peoples business, you know if they are celebrating their kids birthday or sleeping with their boyfriend or having oral sex with their spouse would most likely rate ANYONE as pesky and nosy.

    who'd have 'em. Thats what I say.

    Not me anymore.

    Good for nothing sorts.

    Now Now that is a bit much....they are good for cleaning best cleaning lady was a JW till she ratted me out to my sister about celebrating Christmas. *sigh* I do miss her sometimes....the cleaning lady, not my sister.

  • ScoobySnax

    Awww...DantheVan, its always a pleasure to share some of my greatest and latest thinkings with you, and an even greater thrill to see a response from you

    Negativity....what on this board? no, I can't believe that Neyank. Rayzor, run that past me again?!! Xena, I'm sorry to hear about your cleaning lady, I'm sure she is happy scrubbing somewhere else now, so don't worry, I hope you never mentioned oral sex to her either, couldn't you have hidden the xmas tree before she came round, or did she have her own key and arrive un-announced?

    Brummie ain't what you do its the way that you do it. Thats what gets results apparently.

    Scooby....painting with one of those huge f-off industrial paintbrushes.

  • ScoobySnax

    Rayzor......I'm still waiting (a la Diana Ross)

  • jgnat

    Neyank, I caught the sarcasm. Just making my point, again, that taking pot-shots at the big, fat backside of the Society is not the same as an attack on it's members. Now that I have finally made an insulting statement, Scooby might actually respond to me. Perhaps he is programmed to ignore pleasantries.

  • Cicatrix

    Hi Scoob,

    I suggest that if you attend a convention or assembly, you listen very carefully to what is said from the platform about people who think JWs are mostly right, but who don't join the religion themselves. Those who don't tow the entire party line and get baptised are known as "fence sitters". Listen very close to what they say will happen to them at Armageddon. The JWs won't let you have it both ways.

  • Xena

    Scooby thank you for your concern.....hhhmmm oral sex??? Nope I don't think I mentioned it in front of for the tree, it was a tiny one locked away in our office, but darnit all some of the icecicles escaped via our shoes and I think a few scraps of christmas paper were viewed in the trash....I know I know I have only myself to blame for not being more careful in hiding my sins!

    On the plus side now I just put a big ole tree in the living room and don't give a darn who sees it, perhaps I should thank her after all????

  • minimus

    I agree with Scooby's sarcasm. We love to sometimes tear down a person simply because he or she's a Witness. The Catholic, Protestant, Jew or pagan can do the same stupid thing a Witness does and their religious persuasion will not even be referred to.But, if a JW does it, we make an issue of it. WHY? Because JW's BOAST that we are the cleanest, the smartest, the most spiritual people in the universe. If you do that type of boasting and then throw in that everyone else but us are going to die, be prepared to recieve some negative comments from those that know both sides. That's my opinion.

  • rebel


    ScoobySnax is having a dig at us on this board - at least I think he is.

    From his past posts, he loves living like a 'worldly' person but says the WTS has the truth and we should not critisise it???????? He thinks JWs are following the one true religion, but doesn't want to be a part of it, although he does want to....but not just yet....he is having too much fun..... he is able to think for himself at the moment.....and he is having a life.....he'll be a good JW next year.....he does really want to be a JW and we should NOT critisise them. Work that one out - one confused person!

    Correct me if I'm wrong, Scooby.


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