Ooooh them nasty 'ol JW's

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  • ScoobySnax

    I mean aren't they just. Just nasty. what can you do with them. Its beyond me. Tch, what to do eh, I ask you. Pesky sorts, poking about in buisness not of they're own.JWs eh? who'd have 'em. Thats what I say. Good for nothing sorts.


    For a new world record,ScoobySnax and I agree twice in the same day..LOL!!...OUTLAW

  • rebel


    I can tell you are being a little sarcastic here

    If JWs are right, as you believe, why do you find it too difficult to fall in line with their beliefs? You have said yourself that you like your life the way it is now (doing all the things JWs disapprove of ) and yet you LIKE the Memorial, conventions etc. You LIKE the JWs way of life - you just don't want to do it. You seem to want the best of both worlds. You don't want to live as a JW - that's too difficult and restrictive and doesn't give you freedom to think for yourself. And yet you stick up for them and say we are picking on them. I don't really understand you. I am not being insulting - I would just like to know what you are talking about. I find you very puzzling.

    Either the WTS is right - in which case stick with them. or it is wrong - in which case get out. They wouldn't have any loyalty towards you, you know. If they wanted to, they would kick you out of the congregation and shun you - that's the sort of organisation you are sticking up for. Don't give them the opportunity to do this to you.

    Plus - remember. If you were a member of one of the churches of 'Christendom' (as JWs like to call all Christian churches other than them) and decided to leave that church and just go your own way, members of those churches would still treat you like a human being. If you are a JW and you decide you want to leave, you will be treated like a leper. Can't you see that? Can't you see the difference?

    Just my thoughts


    PS - Yes they DO poke about in business not of their own - you got that one right.

  • Brummie

    Well I totally disagree Scooby, imho, I think you are being far to polite even in your sarcasm.


    Sorry seems to be the hardest word

  • ignored_one

    I propose Scooby starts his own religion, Scooby's Witnesses.

    Ignored One.

  • DanTheMan

    Thanks for sharing another one of your "intelligent viewpoints" with us Scooby.

  • Gopher

    JW's? Some are nice, some are nasty. Probably, they have about the same ratio as the rest of humanity, give or take 5 percent.

    Now the Governing Body, the misleaders of millions, there's some nastiness at the top of the Society. There is cynicism -- they love to bark orders and watch the rank&file JW's jump.

    If it weren't for the "Nasty" disfellowshipping policy, there are several JW's whom I would still consider among my friends.

    So what's your point Scoobysnax?

  • gumby
    I don't really understand you. I am not being insulting - I would just like to know what you are talking about. I find you very puzzling

    Scooby is like the rest of humanity, but also thinks as a christian. Christians for the most part live in guilt because they are never meet the criteria of what and how a christian should be.

    When I was a dub and I secretly used tobacco, my friend would say....why do you even go to meetings when your doing this? My attitude then was...." I still know they are right...I'm just doing wrong. I felt if I continued staying regular it would give me the strenghth to "staighten up" never did.


  • jgnat

    Oh, I dunno, Scooby. There are some pretty nice folks mixed up in this screwy religion.

  • Sargon


    I agree. Scooby, when you paint with a broad brush you make a mess everywhere. personally i don't think of my Mom as a nasty person.

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