Among Friends: Embarrassing moments

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  • danb71

    that last one made me think of an embarrassing TMS when i was about eight: one of my first #2 talks, and the brother adjusting the mic way down for me couldn't get it far enough down, and had to move the podium to the side, apparently tangled his foot in the mic cord, and as he walked away pulled the mic stand and podium down off the stage. i just held that huge black large-print NWT in front of my face until they fixed it.


  • Pleasuredome


    y-fronts are the underwear that has an upsidedown Y in the middle. you know what i mean?

  • DanTheMan

    I wrecked the first time I drove a car.

    That one is at the top of a long, long list.

  • xjw_b12

    PD Thanks for replying, but I am still as totally clued out as I was before. Are you describing the difference between " boxers " and " briefs " as we call them here in Canada. Without looking back at your previous posts, I'm trying to rely on my internal memory banks, and your male, and British.

    I had a bit of fun a few weeks ago with Eman ovet his defination of extractor fan LOL

    Not meaning to hijack here, but I want to get the story straight before i post an embarrasssing moment.

  • Swan

    Every time I tell people I used to be one of Jehovah's Witnesses.

  • Brummie

    xjw_b12, Y Fronts are breifs (not boxers) associated with the grandad era here, they have 2 colours, like white with yellow patches for instance. They also have elasticated waists and could easily wrap around two people.

    Y fronts were probably spotted last before the 1st world war. Considering this, it is understandable why PD would feel embarrased I would have simply died on the spot.

    Oh, I have heard some gooky JWs wear them with tweed suits too


  • xjw_b12

    Brummie. Thank you for clarifying the Y-Front thing. I was on the right track, but I think PD was getting annoyed with my lack of understanding of the Queen's English.

    After reading your eloquent description. I now share in PD's embarrasement.

    Sphere. First story funny. Second story....sarcasm perhaps ? If I had done what boyfriend had done, I would not be here to type this reply.

  • xjw_b12

    BTW PleasureDome. What is it with that Avatar? Every time it comes up I reach for the Windex and try and clean off that side of my monitor !

  • berylblue

    I was in high school. The place to hang was the library if you wanted to talk, eat, laugh and have some "fun".

    Unfortunately, after about a month of that, the librarians decided they'd had enough. They started telling us to be quiet, etc., or they'd throw us out. They were as annoying as hell.

    One day a friend said to me, "I can't decide which of these two librarians is worse."

    I said, "Well, maybe we should have a poll."

    We proceeded to conduct a "Which Librarian Do You Hate the Most" poll, in which we described both women as unflatteringly as possible, then asked the respondent to choose.

    Finally, we asked one freshman. He thought for a woman, then said, "Definitely the tall, skinny, ugly one. That's my mother."



    Class of 1973, Paul VI High School

  • Prisca

    Pleasuredome's and Sphere's posts remind of how I used to joke around with a friend.

    He and I were good friends, nothing romantic, but good friends nontheless. We were in a movie cinema one night, waiting for the movie to start. It was pretty quiet, and there were 3 young, attractive females sitting behind us. So I said, loud enough for the women to hear me: "And another thing - you're lousy in bed!!!" My friend almost died, hahaha....

    Also, people would assume we were a couple, simply because we were a male and female walking around together. So sometimes I would say in a loud voice (I know how to project my voice) in front of others: "I want a divorce!!!" And he would play along, usually replying, "You can have your divorce!"

    It was fun to see other people's reactions...

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