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  • rebel


    I'd love to come to, that's if I can come up with an excuse to go AWOL for a while. It would be great to meet all those that have given me such a lot of support.

    One thing - this may sound stupid - but I have seen the pictures of the apostafests in the US etc. They look great fun and everything, but I don't want my picture taken. If I went, could I please hide when a camera approaches? I know it sounds really, really dumb, but my husband would have kittens if he ever found out where I was . I mean, if there are photos, there is always the chance of them getting into the wrong hands, or being uploaded to this board. I am in enough bother at the moment and don't want to rock the boat even more than I have done already. Would everyone think I was odd if I asked not to be in any photos? If this sounds weird I'll bow out now before you all realise how warped I really am


  • Englishman


    No problem, we left 6 or 7 out of the pics totally the last time.


  • searchfothetruth


    Thanks for the open invite. I was coming last year with ISP but something came up at the last minute. I'd really love to come this year.

  • Simon

    I'm looking forward to seeing eveyone again in Sunny W-S-M ... we had a great time last year and this year we have baby sitters

  • ozziepost

    Who are the baby sitters for, Simon?

  • Prisca

    For Simon and the two boys, Ozzie! It's so Angharad can party all night!!!

  • Sherri

    Hi Englishman,

    I'd really like to come and meet up with some UK ex's. My husband never was a witness and doesn't really share my morbid fascination with all of it -- will any never-beens be there? At least he'll be up for the pub thing.

    His dad (our babysitter) lives in Belper -- I don't suppose that's close to your place?

    Will mark my planner and let you know closer to the date for sure.

    Thanks for the invite.


  • TruckerGB


    I am one of the nons and never has beens on this board,and I will be at Emans bbq,along with quite a few others(the contents of our local pub),so worry not,its great fun.Belper,isnt that Derby,we are in Weston-super-Mare Somerset.



  • Sherri

    Oops, the geography of my adopted homeland is still a bit out of my grasp.

    However, I do hope to be there on the day, with or without my other half (but certainly without my little ones)!


  • Englishman


    We're about 3 hours from Belper. Here's a map kindly submitted by Ballistic, that shows the location of many UK posters:

    You can see that we are very near to Bristol, matter of fact, Trucker is only 150 yards from my house!

    Here's another UK map to help you to get your bearings:


    ..and closer up:

    Hope that helped!!


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