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    Sorry to keep beating this but it has me intrigued. One last thought.

    It certainly speaks to the caliber of thinker and writer, to say nothing of spiritual qualification, the WTS is employing these days that the sentence "So nobody should think that being an annointed Christian gives him wisdom superior to that of those having the earthly hope" could ever be uttered or much less written and make it past an editor into a publication!

    It is, simply, a major gaffe, imo. If the writer insisted on pursuing his tenuous line of reasoning, he should have said "no one should think that having superior wisdom signifies him as an annointed Christian." This way the annointed---specifically the GB--- are left with their claimed "superior wisdom" while, at the same time, allowing that this is not their only qualification. Instead, the writer chops the already-feeble legs out from under the GB's arrogated spiritual authority by denying the superior spiritual wisdom of all the annointed.

    Astounding. The more I consider this "mis-speak," the more aghast I become.

    Sounds to me like, in addition to law school, they need to consider sending some of the boys to some writing workshops.

    And Logic 101.

    Uh, or maybe not.

    Okeydoke, I'm done this time.


  • artful

    Blondie: You really did an excellent job dissecting this one!!

    Good point that MANY of the 1st century Christians did not have these special gifts of spirit. As you point out, they make a remarkable comment in para 14: "Am I inclined to have deep emotions that I could misjudge?"
    Wouldn't receiving God's spirit and having it 'bear witness with our spirit that we are his children' have a very deep emotional impact on us? In fact, in paragraph 18 they use this deep feeling as the main reason why those who are 'really' of the anointed are so sure of their calling!!

    I enjoyed your comment that 'without explanation or proof' the WTS goes on to make several statements regarding the 'two classes'. I noticed that although the preceding paragraphs are rife with scriptures, there are none quoted in support of their 'sealing' of the heavenly class in paragraph 11! I particularly loved the line from them that "By the 1930’s, then, it was becoming clear that, in general, the heavenly class had been chosen.." clear to whom!!!? They are so pathetic.

    Thanks for pointing out the 'alien resident' issue. As you know, I posted another thread which details reasons why the GC should partake if these 'alien residents' were symbolic of the 'other sheep' - see:

    To use WTS line of reasoning (that the alien residents could not become priests), we would also have to conclude that not all of the 'Israel of God' (read: the 144k) could be priests in heaven, only those of a 'Levi class' could - just as not all of the Israelites could become priests, only the Levites could.

    A point regarding the WTS's dual use of the word 'observe' in these articles:1. Last week, the WTS made sure to point out that 'observing' the memorial is a direct command from Jesus .
    2. They then defined what 'observing' the memorial actually means - namely to "Partake of the Memorial emblems" 3. This week, they use the same word 'observe' but apply it to those who are 'watching' but not actually 'observing' it in the way that Jesus commanded .

    This is a very clever use of the word 'observe' on the part of the writers. Very clever, but of course very misleading! They manage to convince both groups that they are 'observing' the Memorial by applying two different definitions of the same word to each group. First by applying the word observe in the active sense to the 'anointed' (partaking), and then by applying the word 'observe' in the passive sense to the GC (watching). This allows rank and file JWs to confidently say that they "observe the Memorial". When what they are really saying is that they 'watch' the Memorial. When we read Jesus command to 'observe', it's obvious that he meant to 'partake', not to just 'watch' others doing this.

    Artful .

    PS. Great comments AMNESIAN!

  • JeffT

    Amnesian (and others) this statement about the annointed not having special knowledge needs to be broadcast far and wide. It is a major blunder on their part, I think even bigger than saying that Jesus is not the mediator for all Christians. Put simply, it undercuts all claim that there is a "faithful and discreet slave" class providing food to the flock. It lays bare our belief that the WTBS is a cult controlled by a select few self-appointed men claiming to speak for God.

  • jgnat

    Another great review, Blondie. I wonder if this is the tone of articles to come, where WTS policy is baldly stated with little explanation or backing. Artful, I am glad you mentioned your post, Should ‘other sheep’ partake? An ‘alien resident’ parallel. It really does make it clear that the WTS has no foundation for a two-tier class system. They made it up.

    WT February 15, 2003 "What Does the Lord’s Evening Meal Mean to You?" study for April 6, 2003

    If you strongly feel Jehovah’s anointing and have decided for the first time to partake at this year’s Memorial, you are a raving lunatic. This is because the FDS has already prophesied a decline in the anointed year by year, as the day of final judgement inches closer. Based on last year’s numbers, there should be no more than 8,760 anointed left on the planet. If JW’s follow the world mortality rate there should be about 8,681 anointed left, or about 1 in 1,600 people at the Memorial to partake in the Lord’s Evening Meal. Since the average Canadian congregation will only have about 130 people in attendance, we can anticipate that only one person in 11 congregations will partake.

    Here are the twelve lunatic reasons that the 8,682nd partaker is mistaken, as listed in paragraphs 12-15. He/she could be;

    1. presumptuous
    2. hates planet earth,
    3. wants anointing just like her friend,
    4. his anointed friend recruited him,
    5. hears "voices",
    6. is clinging to false religious ideas,
    7. is swayed by wrong views,
    8. is on medication,
    9. wants to join her anointed loved ones in Heaven,
    10. is spiritually ambitious,
    11. is not humble enough, or is
    12. puffed up with scriptural knowledge.

    The article claims that "So nobody should think that being an anointed Christian gives him wisdom superior to that of those having an earthly hope. Spirit anointing is not indicated by proficiency in answering Scriptural questions, witnessing, or giving Bible talks. Christians with the earthly hope also do well in these respects." It appears the WTS considers Anointed and Other Sheep to be the same except for final destination. Ha! I see I was not the first to notice this little gem! But the promises Jesus gave to his disciples had little to do with location (Earthly or Heavenly).

    According to the article, Anointing "depends, not upon the one wishing nor upon the one running, but upon God" (para. 18, quoting Romans). Let’s look at the complete sentence, shall we? This scripture is not about who receives or does not receive Jehovah’s Anointing, but rather, who receives His mercy. If we follow the rest of the chapter, it talks how works (such as prayer, bible reading, meeting attendance, and field service) are futile in obtaining Jehovah’s favour.(Romans 9:31-32) how do we obtain His favour?

    that if thou shalt confess with thy mouth Jesus as Lord, and shalt believe in thine heart that God has raised him from among the dead, thou shalt be saved. For with the heart is believed to righteousness; and with the mouth confession made to salvation. For the scripture says, No one believing on him shall be ashamed. Romans 10: 9-11 Darby

    Here is one of my favorite graphs, from : Total number of memorial partakers (anointed) (shown in pink dots scaled on the left axis) and the number of memorial attendance (shown in blue dots scaled on the right axis). Note virtually unchanged number of memorial partakers (anointed) over the past ten years.

  • blondie

    Hey gumby,

    I think about 10 of us or so should go to the memorial to the same hall.....accept we sit apart and act like we don't know each other. When the sacraments are passed we all partake......just to see the attendants poop their pants seeing 10 people partake in one hall

    Even that spectacle won’t tempt me to go to the KH. If you do this with some friends, be sure to sit in the middle of a row so the servers can’t bypass you.

    Irreverent got a big chuckle out of this one.


    I guess she kind of got talked out of it.

    I know a sister this happened to. They just nagged and nagged. They couldn’t accept that a woman would be selected rather than a man. Considering that the women outnumber the men in the Borg, I would imagine that was the case in the early Christian congregation. Thus there would have been more women than men who were "anointed."


    Next time I run into a dub I'm going to ask him why I should listen to them, since their own publications say they don't have any special knowledge from God.

    Be prepared to get this reaction, "Duh?" So many JWs are brain dead. Even the WTS had a article once about the problem of having things sink more deeply into your brain. They called it permafrost.

    8/15/93 WT

    pp. 14-16 Go On Growing in Knowledge
    For this to prove true in our case, we must want to grow in that knowledge and want to have it affect us down deep, touching our inmost self. That may not always happen.
    In Paul’s day Hebrew Christians had a problem in this regard. Being Jews, they had some knowledge of the Scriptures. They knew of Jehovah and some of his requirements. Later they added knowledge about the Messiah, exercised faith, and were baptized as Christians. Over the months and years, they must have attended Christian meetings, where they could share in reading scriptures and in commenting. Still, some did not grow in knowledge. Paul wrote: "Although you ought to be teachers in view of the time, you again need someone to teach you from the beginning the elementary things of the sacred pronouncements of God; and you have become such as need milk, not solid food." (Hebrews 5:12) How could that be? Might it also happen to us?

    As an illustration, consider permafrost, the permanently frozen ground in the Arctic and in other regions where the average temperature is below freezing. The soil, rocks, and groundwater freeze into a solid mass, sometimes to a depth of 3,000 feet [900 m]. In the summer, thawing may occur in the surface soil (called the active layer). However, this thin layer of thawed soil is usually muddy because moisture cannot drain into the permafrost below. Plants that grow in the thin top layer are often small or stunted; their roots cannot penetrate the permafrost. ‘What,’ you may wonder, ‘does permafrost have to do with whether I am growing in knowledge of Bible truth?’

    Visualize some of those Christians at meetings back then. They were present and awake, but were their minds involved in learning? Were they actively and earnestly growing in knowledge? Perhaps not. For the immature ones, any involvement in meetings took place in a thin active layer, as it were, while below was a frozen depth. The roots of more solid or complicated truths could not penetrate into this region of mental permafrost.

    It could be similar with a Christian today. While present at meetings he may not use those occasions to grow in knowledge. What about actively sharing in them? For a new or young one to volunteer to read a scripture text or give a comment in the words of the paragraph may take considerable effort, reflecting a fine and commendable exercise of his capacity. But Paul showed that with others, in view of the time they had been Christians, they should advance beyond that initial stage of participation if they want to keep growing in knowlededge.
    If an experienced Christian never progressed beyond simply reading a Bible verse or making a basic comment straight from the paragraph, likely his participation came from the top "active layer" of his mind. Meeting after meeting could pass with the depths of his mental potential remaining in a frozen state, to continue our illustration of permafrost. We should ask ourselves: ‘Is it that way with me? Have I let a kind of mental permafrost set in? How mentally alert and interested in learning am I?’ Even if we are uncomfortable with our honest answers, we can begin now taking steps to grow in knowledge.

    Ten years later and the permafrost is still rampant at the KH.

    Amnesian, what can I add. But this is what a real scriptural discussion should be like. The thoughts of others should stir up thoughts in us that on our own might have lain dormant. Thanks for "stirring us up" in delightful way.


    They manage to convince both groups that they are 'observing' the Memorial by applying two different definitions of the same word to each group.

    Thanks for bringing this out. I didn’t catch this point. Many minds make light work.


    I wonder how many JWs would have caught all these wonderful points that everyone has shared? I have done my own graph about the number of anointed. Someone on this DB once used the actuarial tables to show that the number of anointed should be barely 1,000. (If you know who you are, could you re-post it here?)

    Am I insane? Yes, for going to the KH for 47 years. I even had doubts and was uneasy but ignored my instincts. But no more. Even a raging war between the US and Iraq is not going to make me run back. I cannot imagine living forever with the people at the KH, circuit, district, etc.


  • Shakita

    Hey Blondie,

    The arrogance of the WT Society knows no bounds. They presume to step into the middle of someone's personal, conscientious decision that they are convinced of going to heaven. The WT claims that those who have recently begun partaking are responding to emotions or worse yet, have an impure desire to reign as kings and priests with Jesus in heaven. Why, anyone desiring to reign with Christ are nothing more than power hungry megalomaniacs, bent on lording it over the wee little humans trying to eke out an existence on the planet earth. You see, only those that are TRULY ANOINTED are looking forward to this privelege because they are humble choir boys with nothing but good intentions toward their soon-to-be subjects.

    As you pointed out in your synopsis of the WT drivel, Jesus made no distinctions over who was going to heaven or to who was supposedly going to live on earth forever. Each Christian had the hope to reign eternally with Christ in heaven. Jesus certainly never chided any individual Christian because they had the hope of eternal life in heaven. After all, that was the hope that he gave to his followers. So, what right do the pompous, presumptuous, power hungry, pseudo priests have to take away one's personal decision that they hope to live in heaven with Christ and their heavenly Father?

    As usual Blondie, hats off to your excellent review of the continuing stomach turning saga of how the Watchtower writes whackily worded nauseatingly needless prose that often leads to bouts of projectile vomit. By the way Blondie, do you take anti-nausea medicine before venturing into the morose maelstrom of Wachtower propoganda? I pray for you.

    Mr. Shakita

  • blondie

    Mrs. Shakita, good comment. If you notice, I posted this late because I was not eager to start it. I definitely get queasy. But once I start, moral outrage takes over and the mental juices start flowing.


  • freddi

    ALL THAT I CAN SAY IS "AWESOME". Great as usual Blondie. Why can't they see what they are being smoothly coerced into believing? But why should I ask that since I was swayed into getting baptized as a j.w. yrs ago myself. All I can do is pray for them to really find the "Truth that sets us free."

    Keep up the excellent work.



  • artful

    Blondie: great post regarding the 'permafrost'. Once again we see an example of WT doublespeak. They want the flock to do more than just answer from the paragraph, but to do so we would have to ask where would the flock get their answers from? Certainly not from their 'individual' reading, and meditating of the things they read in the Bible. Rather, what they are really saying is, the flock should use more than just the WT paragraphs to answer the question, they should look up supplementary information supplied by the WT, in one of their many books, brochures, bound volumes, CDs, etc. That way the 'spiritually mature' person can really give an answer 'in their own words' (LOL), or at least using the 'different words' that the WTS has put in their mouth from a 1988 Watchtower article explaining the same topic!

    Cheers, Artful (of the 'permafrost class')

  • DanTheMan

    That was excellent Blondie.

    I must confess that I usually avoid reading your WT study threads, simply because I can't stand reading the Towerspeak, but I'm glad I read this one.

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