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  • mattnoel

    Ok so some weeks back I send a letter to my old cong, it stated quite a few points which were very serious, some of them would cause certain members of the cong to be diss'd and asking for an explanation as to why certain things happened i.e stepfather throwing mother down the stairs whilst drunk but mother getting reproved etc etc. Also raised was the issue of the data protection act and wanting a copy of the files held on me and also stating that the baptism is nul and void. It was about 5 pages long and I also sent it to various members of the cong.

    A week ago I get an e mail from a witness stating that I was out of order - my letter was obviously exagerated and lied about to make me a "mad apostate" aparantly in the letter I have admited to keeping a written record of goings on, I blame the society wholey for my mothers death and I have apparantly sent it to the press.

    A couple of days ago I get a reply from the cong and guess what it says, pretty much please forward a cheque for £10 along with proof of ID and we will send you the records and thats it !!!!!

    Clearly this means that they cant answer what I have said as it is true. But I am now even more angry !!!!

    Sorry but I jsut had to vent this.


    Hey Matt, yes I recall you mentioning this.

    Figures...send money etc., and they hope that this will be the end of it.

    Of course they do not really wish to answer your query or address the issues you put forth.

    They are treating you in a DISMISSIVE fashion.

    Very annoying, and I know in a way, you are probably not surprised at the reply.

    What are your plans Matt? Any course of action? Keep us posted.

    I still cringe when I think about what your step-dad did your Mom. Bastard!

  • oldcrowwoman

    Hi Matt;

    Sorry to hear about your struggles with the cong. and what your mother had to endure!!! Makes me angry.

    I never heard such a thing about sending money and ID to get your records.??

    keep me posted.


  • nightwarrior

    Hi Matt

    uuuuuurrrrrggggghhhhh these people make me sick......

    I feel so angry for you. If you need to talk give me a shout.

    Mrs Nightwarrior


  • cruzanheart

    Deepest sympathies, mattnoel. However, it should reinforce to you that you have made the right decision! I haven't gotten any replies (except one) to the letter I sent regarding my father. Cowards.


  • ignored_one

    The problem is, who says they will send everything they have on you anyway. They're only interested because they're allowed to charge a fee to cover admin costs. I get the impression that it's not a set amount only a maximum and surprise surprise they charge the maximum.

    Ignored One.

  • Maverick

    Dear Matt: IMHO you should follow thru and insist that by cashing your check they understand and accept the terms that they are giving you all the records mentioning your name and not just what they interpret as information you are "entitled" to. They should send a letter of conformation to this effect. If they refuse any of your terms, state that this will be proof of their duplicity in attempting to placate you but not truthfully abide by the law of the land. And that if they do send your requested and paid for information in an incomplete manner anyway, they understand this constitutes an act of willful fraud.

    This puts them in a catch-22 situation. If they cash your check they must give you all the records. You would have a good case against them if they refuse to cash the check or if they give you incomplete data. They will be slow on responding. And many forms will have blacked out material. They will hate you for being such a pain in the rear. Have fun with them.Maverick

  • Francois

    Perhaps what you should do now is to get a barrister to send a letter to the congregation demanding the information, or threatenting to have them in the dock to explain why they think they are above the law.


  • mattnoel

    Thanks everyone for the replies.

    Ray - it angers you, imagine how I feel ! I hate him and I hate the JW's so much for what has happened, I try not to think about it too much because of the pain it causes me, I just carry on with my life and try my best to work my way back to normality - I seem to feel that I am pretty much there. I am happy in my life I just feel so hurt by these B*stards. Thanks for being there mate ! your a great friend to have around !

    OCW - Sorry I keep meaning to contact you but never have chance, perhaps you could drop me a line if you get a chance. We have a law over here in the UK called the Data Protection Act, you probably have similar but here it is VERY strict. Companies have to give you any information on you that they hold but they can charge you a few for this info, the max for this is £10 - typical they charge the most !

    Mrs Nightwarrior - Thanks for the support, I appreciate it. Will give you a call next week and we will do lunch ! would be cool to meet up with you and have a chat. Theres some nice places in Bromley to sit, have a bevy and a chat ! Dont they make you so angry, you know I sent them 5 pages !!! they cant even be bothered to respond !

    Cruzanheart - hope you dont mind but the letter I sent included a copy of your letter minus the name etc, I also included it with the pack I sent to various cong members - to show them just how sick THEY are ! I can not believe you only had one response. I feel soo frustrated ! all that time and effort I put into it !, your so right, they are cowards !

    Ignored - YO MOMMA !.............yeah your right, then they can add it to the theocratic min school when they do accounts, you can just imagine it - Speaker "From cong members £150, from door to door work 25pence and from admin fees for replies to apostate letters £10"

    Maverick - Yeah I intend to mate ! The law states that if there is anything detremental to my name they are breaking the law, I wonder what they put to my disfellowshipping reasons, and I wonder if I could get them on slander ! if its written on their records, but I like your wording there will try that ! If they do refuse to cash the cheque and send me the info I can then send in the government to search all their records !

    last but not least

    Francois - I am going to see what they send me first, and then take it from there. Fortunatly with my work, my company own a law firm (handy for me) and being that I work in the area I work in I have good connections to the lawyers and can get free legal advice - I fully intend to use it if I can. Their biggest regret is going to be F**king with me ! I am ANGRY !

    Thanks everyone for your support, your all a great bunch !

  • ScoobySnax

    Hey Matt

    I'm JW in Medway, and I know you don't "hate" me. buck the trend here, tell me it ain't true!


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