Vicki Boer v. Watchtower Child abuse Civil Trial - No News Yet but Update

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  • hawkaw
    I heard a rumour this evening (April 10/03) that a decision had been handed down in Vicki's case in favour of the WTS this week.

    This rumour is absolutely false. I just got off the telephone with Charles Marks' office (April 11, 2003 9:30 am eastern daylight savings time). There has been NO decision handed down .

    We are waiting patiently for a decision. Her Honour has until May 31, 2003 to render her decision. There are a number of people in the lamestream press waiting for the decision.

    As I have said before I am NOT as confident as a lot of others when it comes to the question of "duty" in the Boer case. I always believed Vicki proved in court that the WTS did not meet its standard of care and her mental health expert showed that Vicki was harmed. The recent Berry summary motion decision I think helped Vicki's case to the question of "duty" but each case has its own facts. The main question to be settled in this case is did two Shelburne elders and Georgetown Bethel individuals, or agents of the WTS, have a "fiduciary relationship" with a 19 year old adult when it came to the "confrontations".

    I must admit, I am still thoroughly disgusted that a bunch of adults would sit in a meeting and pray to a god that a woman who was raped by her father must lose her case and then label that woman as some sort of evil person or apostate. That, to me, is despicable and those people doing it should be really ashamed of themselves - especially seeing they are doing it in front of their own kids in some cases.

    For your information, the court will contact the lawyers for both sides. The court will make a copy of the decision for both sides to pick up. Both counsel will pick up the decision at the court house and then they will send the decision to the important people (clients, press etc.). Obviously there will be people on this board including me who will post the decision as soon as I get it.


  • somebody


    believe it or not, I found that Marie Street address listed, of all places, as non-profit charitable organization from this website:

    We should ALL send him a "donation" alright!

    Stay strong, and I thank you for your courage! We'll keep you in our prayers and thoughts ! ((((((((((vic))))))))))

    peace to you,

    gwen/somebody & harold/zev

  • artful

    Hawkaw: thank you very much for your prompt reply. I will pass along this information. I'm sure this has been mentioned before, but it is also very disgusting to me that prior to this trial, elders from surrounding halls were soliciting funds from individuals in book study groups to help cover the legal costs of these 'poor elders'. Pathetic.
    Vicki: I really admire you for what you have done. As others have said, no matter what the outcome, you have certainly raised awareness of this issue in Canada. Thank you for your courage.

  • needs_lots

    Well this is all news to me! Glad all the jw's heard the outcome of "my trial" before the actual planitiff. Another effort to scare me as I see it. As for them soliciting money to help the lawyers fee's, makes me sick. I have not heard this , but Iam not surprised. Make the members pay again for their mistakes. Makes you wonder at what point the jw members will say "enough is enough", and let the elders and bethel pay themselves. Ok, so yes now Iam freaked. ARE YOU HAPPY !!!!

  • Jonadab

    I can't imagine what you must be going through now Vicki. All this time and now the finale so close. It won't undo what has been done, the anguish and turmoil that you have suffered, but I do hope that you can find some peace in your life after all of this is over.

    We heard some comments from our DO regarding this court case at our last circuit assembly not too long ago. It was obvious that he wasn't aware of the facts of the case. Comments have been made at our local congregation referring to the comments made by the DO also. I found it very disturbing to sit there and listen to it to tell you the truth.

    It would really bother me to sit through a prayer like that. I couldn't say 'amen' at the end. I hate the thought of agreeing with anything hawkaw would say, but....

    I'm looking forward to reading the decision when it does come down, whichever way it goes. I'm sure that there will be some stiff 'guidance' given by Her Honour on the "fiduciary relationship" issue.

  • rocketman

    hawk, thank you for the updates. For jws to be praying in favor of a guy who molested a child just goes to show how low they sink to protect their precious "Society". They ought to be praying to the "God of justice" for justice to be done, but they apparently care little about that.


    Hi Vicki, it is so nice to see you here on the forum.

    Damn, like I said earlier, I did not see the program with CBC's "Fifth Estate", but I did read the transcripts. The thing that hit me was when they indicated you were in Fredericton, my ears pricked up right away, but of course, this is where you are residing vs. where the abuse took place.

    Glad the rumour is false, I figured as much.

    I think it'd be nice to picket THAT Kingdom Hall. Show the folks of Shelburne, that they should avoid the Jehovah's Witnesses at all costs.

    A small town like that, word spreads like wildfire, and besides, bad publicity is something they dear not want. I'm sure they'll find their usual angle to make the victim and her supporters look like perpetrators to some esoteric crime.

    Eager to follow this case. Vicki, I wish you the very best. I'm sure it is very draining emotionally and physically. I wish you nothing but the very best; factor in justice - and a certain someone arrested and put away.

    Best wishes for a positive outcome for you.

    Sincerely, Rayzorblade.

  • BluesBrother
    waste of skin, all of them.


    Geat to read Vickys posts as well. A very brave lady . Thanks to all who have made this happen .

    Sad thing is that attitudes do not seem to have changed much in the borg. After the Dateline and Panorama programmes I thought that at least now they must address the issue and get it right hereon. What do we see? The bad attitude reported in this thread , and the stuff discussed last Sunday where it told everyone not to be swayed by apostate distortion and lies and "Not allow bad publicity to cause one to slow down "etc etc . When will they ever learn?

  • blondie

    Bluesbrother, when Jesus pointed out the flaws and lies and cruelties of the Pharisees, they didn't changed. They killed him instead. Why should the WTS which is more and more like the Pharisees every day be any different. They are trying to "kill" (silence) their detractors.


  • Pleasuredome
    When will they ever learn?

    those that are in control are very learned. they know that change would mean they were in error, would mean they lose a lot of money. to not change just delays the inevitable, hence corporate restructuring.

    the victims of ravishment will prevail

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