Vicki Boer v. Watchtower Child abuse Civil Trial - No News Yet but Update

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  • blondie

    I can remember when my younger sister's case of abuse came to light, unsuccessfully concealed by the elder body. One sister suggested that my sister had seduced my father. Imagine, suggesting that a nine year old girl had seduced a grown Christian man!!!!

    JWs have a long history of spreading lying gossip without foundation. Why should they stop now?


  • ashitaka
    One sister suggested that my sister had seduced my father. Imagine, suggesting that a nine year old girl had seduced a grown Christian man

    -Horrible. Absolutely disgusting.




    Thanks for sharing this update with us.

    The Shelburne congregation has been continually praying deeply for Vicki to lose her case. They have been calling her a number of names, such as but not limited to, apostate, and believes she is a very evil person.

    I am mortified to think about how the society protects and supports pedophiles. It is indeed a "pedophile paradise" among "god's peopleTM".

    Much love,


  • Xandria


    You have been on my mind and I appreciate the update. I am hopeful for a good out come. I know it is hard to keep positive when there is so much negative. Believe me, I know because we were down with this Cemetery fight and almost ready to give up. An BAM.. we are now getting very positive responses because of a kind article the paper did and we are garnering support to save this Cemetery. The only frightening part is speaking in front of all these people. What will help is thinking of all those who have family there and don't have the strength to stand for themselves due to thier age. Same principal but different situation. You are standing up against an abuse and the horrors it brought in your life. It takes standing up for yourself and what you believe in. Win, Lose or Draw.

    I am very glad you found the strength to stand up against all odds and voice your protest at the abuses suffered at the hands of family and the WTS's cover up trolls. You are taking back control and reclaiming a piece of yourself back. Even in a worse case senario... you stood up for yourself made them accountable for their actions, uncovered them to the light of public view. That says a lot about you and sooner or later they will have to answer for it.

    Take care.


    Ps. You have my email address.

  • SloBoy

    "They pray for Vicki to lose the case"...........this is the mindset one develops after years of regular feeding at their banquet of "spiritual goodies".

  • mouthy

    Vickie!!!! Am praying for you... What ever happens You gave a wonderful exposse To the hundreds that watched it. I bet many studies were stopped. (((hug))) Give one to hubby & kids also ...Grace

    PS If that is the Kingdom Hall address -They wont get it. Remember we got all those letters back because KHalls dont have mailing boxes- They are afraid of getting Apostate lit: in them

  • needs_lots

    Hey Mouthy,

    I know its not the halls address because the kingdom Hall in not on Marie street. I would guess it is the elders house, the elder Iam sueing, that lives on Marie street. Wouldn't that be a kicker for him. So send all the mail you like. Iam sure he will appreciate it!LOL They need to see the errors of their ways.

    love ya,


    Love you all!

  • artful

    Hawkaw: Thanks for this update. I heard a rumour this evening (April 10/03) that a decision had been handed down in Vicki's case in favour of the WTS this week. Although I could not find any information on the Toronto Star's Website about this - they have been covering the case. My wife had this information passed to her from one of the 'friends' in her hall. Is there any truth to this, or is it just 'service' fodder?
    Thank you in advance for your response.

  • Dino

    Thanks for the update ole' bud...

    and watch out for SARS up there!


  • kelpie


    my thoughts and prayers are with you. I know, unfortuantely like many of us here, how the dubs work when it comes to child abuse.

    When you win this, it will open up the door for many more of us to follow suit.. Be Brave and Be Strong.

    I am in australia but would love to be there with you.


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