Vicki Boer v. Watchtower Child abuse Civil Trial - No News Yet but Update

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  • hawkaw

    Hello everyone,

    Victoria A. Boer v. Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Canada involves Vicki suing the Watchtower and some of its elders. The organization treated her paedophile father in high regard even after Vicki came forward. Vicki was forced to go through a confrontation that re-raped her again. Vicki sued the organization and its agents (aka elders and some at Bethel headquarters) for forcing her to go through the confrontation and preventing her from getting mental therapy.

    Trial ended in September, 2002.

    We are still waiting for Her Honour's (Anne Molloy's) decision in the trial.

    Vicki has appreciated all of your support in waiting for this decision.

    The decision must be given before May 31, 2003. Lawyers all over Toronto have been phoning Charles Mark (Vicki's counsel). There is a lot of media and legal interest in this case and thus, a lot of the legal community is stunned that Her Honour's decision has nt come down yet.

    You maybe interested to know what is going on in the congregation in Shelburne Ontario. This is the congregation whose two elders along with Georgetown Headquarters forced Vicki to hold a confrontation and hug her father.

    The Shelburne congregation has been continually praying deeply for Vicki to lose her case. They have been calling her a number of names, such as but not limited to, apostate, and believes she is a very evil person. The congregation has been told over and over again that the Watchtower will take this case all the way to the Supreme court. This has been confirmed by people within the congregation to Vicki and me.

    What this congregation is doing, in my own personal opinion, is thoroughly disgusting and those who are doing it at the Shelburne congregation should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves. Especially when they are telling the free world that they have a strong child abuse policy!

    There is a possibility that Scott, Vicki's husband, may not be able to attend court when the decision comes out due to job related duties (he is in the military). I think it is important that when this decision comes out, that Vicki have a support base at court to help her through this mess. Thus, I hope many of us will be there at 361 University Ave. in Toronto when the decision comes down.

    When I get the court date for the decision I will inform the board. Until then, I think people should find the address for the Shelburne congregation and start writing a letter campaign complaining about their stance on this issue.

    Take care,

    hawk (from snowy/freezing rain Kingston, Ontario)

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Like so many others, I have been wondering when we would hear the judge's decision.

    I'm not at all familiar with Canadian law - why does the decision HAVE to be made by May 31, 2003? What happens if it is not made by that date? Does Vicki win or lose by default?

  • hawkaw

    There are certain rules with every court. In this case, the Civil court in Ontario requires a decision be rendered by the Judge within 6 months of trial. That did not happen because the Judge has been tied up with other cases. The Judge asked for an extension to render the decision on or before May 31, 2003.

    It was granted.


  • somebody

    Thank you for the update, hawkaw.

    Vicki will be in our thoughts and prayers.

    Here is the address for the Shelburne congregation that I found on the web.

    Shelburne, Ontario,Congregation Of Jehovah's Witnesses

    136 Marie Street





  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Thanks for the update hawkaw.


    All my hopes. All my prayers.


    It was only a couple of nights ago, I finally got to read the transcripts from the Fifth Estate show aired a couple of months ago.

    My brother mentioned that he had seen the program, and there was a woman interviewed, presently residing in New Brunswick. I was so surprised, but she moved there from Ontario. Nonetheless, reading the transcripts made me cringe.

    I hope Vicki comes out ahead on this, and the WTBTS is shown up for what it is.

    Best wishes to Vicki, and any other former JW who is persuing this course of legal action.

  • Pleasuredome

    The Shelburne congregation has been continually praying deeply for Vicki to lose her case.
    and we're all praying for her to win! will jehovah bless the oppressed or the oppressors?

  • Uzzah


    Vicki Boer is the gal that you are referring to that relocated from Ontario to NB. She, Mike Moss and the Berry girls were the brave souls that stood up on that show and roared!

    I am still hearing positive comments about the 5th Estate program. I have spoken with a few Witnesses about it and the most (worst) any of them can say is it is a shame the Society's dirty laundry had to be aired in public. Of course the JW's are pissed at those who participated in the program but they couldn't deny the facts presented.

    It was well done and I look forward to (hopefully) it re-airing in the future.


    PS - Great to hear from you on the boards again Hawk. Your presence has been missed

  • RedhorseWoman
    The Shelburne congregation has been continually praying deeply for Vicki to lose her case.

    Why would any good Christian pray for a rapist to win the case and for the victim to lose? This attitude is utterly incomprehensible.

  • happy man
    happy man

    thank you fore the uppdate haw caw.

    here in Swden we going to have a TV program on 8 april abot the dark clouds as are showing upp in JW congs,What i now they have find some Pedofile cases in Sweden.

    I have talk widh a lot of peopel and some say perhaps if this is the truth,it is Jehovas way to punished us.

    I think in a litel country like Sweden this going to have bigg impackt.

    Even if I am JW I want this to be exposed so we can get ridh of this problem and perhaps also the wolfs how are behind it.

    widh love from HM

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