Can you be D/F in absentia?

by ScoobySnax 30 Replies latest jw friends

  • Mulan

    Yes. I just emailed Venice to tell her Dad's story again. It happened to him almost 3 years ago.

  • ScoobySnax

    What happened there Mulan?? sorry I missed it!

  • WildHorses

    Yes, it can happen. I was DF'd in absentia also.

    Scooby, one thing you are missing. When and if you decide to go back to the meeting. You will have to come clean. Then you will more than likely be DF'd when you do.

  • onacruse

    WildH, you make a good point. Katie and I were just talking about the same thing; show up at Memorial after a long absence from meetings, and you can bet good money that the elders will corner you, and arrange for a "shepherding call."

    Ah, you can just feel the love.


  • VeniceIT

    Dad was the PO and city overseer in our town and they sent him certified mail to attend a meeting, he called and talked to the chairman and wanted to rescedule the meeting being as we were out of town (this was on a mon) the elder said ok. Then I found out on thursday from a friend that dad had been announced as DF'd on Tues night.

    He never met with anyone, hadn't actually refused to meet with them, and they df'd him in abstenita.


  • VeniceIT

    I did a search on google and found dad's original post on it from 3 years ago.


    Hey ScoobySnax,you really are a hellian,LOL!.."Maybe I am a Hypocrate" ..At least your honest..Your a character thats for sure...Yes you can be D/F in absentia....Check out your other thread.There`s some help there,for putting your picture up...OUTLAW

  • dannyboy

    Yes, certainly they can DF you in absentia, but what I'm wondering is: Do they NOW DF without trying to contact you first????

    Just wondering.


  • onacruse

    Venice, thanks for posting your Dad's story; I didn't know much about what happened. I crossed paths with Bruce a few times during the quick-builds, and a very few times at assemblies. Never got to know him well, nor he me, but his reputation preceded him. That such an honest and hard-working man could be treated so shabbily is pathetic, to say the least. Please say Hi to him for me, eh? If he's still around this area, Katie and I would be glad to visit. p/m us if you like

    When he was DFd, I was myself in the middle of JC battles for apostasy; I vaguely recall my Mom telling me about Bruce, but I was pre-occupied

    Bruce's story, along with many others, illustrates one point very clearly: The elders can do pretty much whatever the hell they please, in spite of whatever limited protections that following WTS policies would offer. And once you're "officially" DFd, it's basically all over; complaining about procedural violations is a waste of breath.


  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Elders can do whatever they want whenever they want and however they want. One can be disfellowshipped for any reason at any time. Evidence or remorse is irrelevent.

    Just my opinion.

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