What Was The Final Straw That Made You Leave The Organisation?

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  • kilroy2

    Millions now living will never know. you gotta love that. I want a T shirt that has that on it. can you see an exdubber walking around a small town like mine with the nose in the airs seeing that. thair would be hart's stoping and gasping for breath. and under the quoat what j.f. ruthaford really ment. the problem with the 607 and 1914 is thay can get rid of the geveration. it is dishonost but it can be done. but the 1914 as a date has to stay, even the brain dead can reason that if jesus did not come in 1914 and see c.t. russell doning his gondi impression than he did not appiont him over his earthly kingdom. follow the line of reasoning and the gov. bod. has no authority. and that my friends simply ain gona happen. no way no how. thay gotta keep those donations coming

  • ballistic

    Yes I agree 1914 is the nail in the coffin. Be interesting to see what happens to the UN after this war also.

  • SloBoy

    Dragonfly5 Here:

    After 4 decades of association, 3 of them baptized, what was verbotten is now embraced:

    Getting Married and planning to do something other than pioneer. Such as; buying houses, planning babies, sending the babies to college.

    Looking back, it is hard to believe all the lies we took: 1975, no blood, some blood, ok most blood that other people donate, but not us???????

    Neutrality. Well, in some countries.

    No voting. Well only if your unbelieving spouse says you have to.

    No X-Mas, well only if

    What a bunch of hooeey!!

    Final STRAW: Being accused of a death threat against an elder and a pedophile publisher.

    Thanx for the thread. Reaffirms that we are not leaving the light, we are moving toward it.

  • rocketman

    Some very compelling experiences here. Alan F, I it's cool to read about what the final straw was for you, after having read several of your essays, which by the way played a role in my greatly decreased level of activity. And Scully, what happened with you was really very sadly indicative of the jw way of thinking. By the way, I love your use of the TM!

    For me, there were a variety of factors. But getting back to Alan F's essays, itw as not long after I placed a Creation book with a friend at work that I started reading Alan's essays. You see, that friend handed the book back to me and told me tactfully that it was very biased, whereas all along I thought it was well-written. When I checked into it, and found those essays, I realized how intellectually dishonest the book, and hence its publishers, were.

  • Redneckgurl

    Wow, for my second post to all of you, this is sure a doozie!
    There are a lot of things to contribute to my "falling" away, here are just a few, okay, more than a few..........
    1: I have always been struggling with being "bad" since I was a kid, wanting worldly friends, 
    lying about wanting to NOT celebrate Bdays and Xmas. Having worldly boyfriends, liking rock stars and hiding
    their pictures.
    2: I hate seeing my mom cry all the time because people at the hall are not nice to her, or no one ever invites them over to their home.
    (now my family is included in this) She is so depressed and just thinks it is because Satan attacks our family more. ????????
    3: My mother was raped at a building project and was treated like a harlot, not to be trusted, made to stop going and seeing all her new friends 
    she had made, while the jerk who did it got a slap on the wrist. She was never told what happened to him, but always she felt like they blamed her.
    4: I have always looked for the good in everyone, and tried to find reasons for it not being there. When 2 very close family members were 
    diagnosed with mental illness, I started educating myself on it, and found out a lot about the human brain and personality! Geez, how many
    have been df'd because they couldn't help what they did due to an unknown mental illness? Was Jehovah's spirit really there kicking them out of the
    org because they were ill? I would hope not!!!!
    5: Things just don't feel good about it, which led me here and other websites. 
    6: Someone recently told me that we don't know what is written in the special "elder's book". Like it was some big secret mystery from God Himself.
    Excuse me? There should be NOTHING in that book that is NOT in the Bible which is the ONLY "inspired" book, I believe.
    7: Lack of love for others, genuine concern for humanity NOW, and arrogance. I actually went out today and looked at people for the first time
    without imagining all of them dying around me and me being the only one standing! Now, that was a nice thing!
  • shera

    I have a few,but like I always say,it was the control.

  • DFWnonJW

    It was a Sweetheart Straw I believe. The kind with the crinkles near the top so's you can twist it.

  • Francois

    They told me I'd have to shave off my beard and stop MO-lesting the sisters.

    That about did it for me.



    I ASK ONE little QUESTION that WAS not FOUND in any of the jehovah witness organisation publications, so the answer likewise would not be FOUND in THERE organisation publications either, I had FOUND the correct ANSWER to MY QUESTION MYSELF without there tired out of date, old light, new light, NEW understanding, misleading,double talk magazines. The WATCHTOWER thought of it as rude for THINKING for myself for the first time in my life, so well I STOP reading the watchtower with THERE questions and answers and thought TO MYSELF how much of non-thinker I was for taking Me so long to THINK FOR MYSELF IN THE FIRST PLACE.


  • berylblue

    Well, the Silent Lambs thing was very upsetting, but that was not what did it for me. I knew a long time ago that that sort of thing could happen, and that it is human nature to cover things up. And that it is the JW way to disfellowship the innocent. I'm not saying I am not outraged, but that that was not the final straw.

    The "generation" thing didn't bother me. I always thought that it was a mistake to attempt to predict when "the end" would come.

    It was the UN thing.


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