What Was The Final Straw That Made You Leave The Organisation?

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  • SpannerintheWorks


    Their claims irritated me for another year before I acted

    What? A whole year before you realised there claims were false? You surprise me!



    Watching idiots with the brain power of a fence post counseling others on life..Growing up in hypocracy..Listening to the same tired information over and over and friggin over.....OUTLAW

  • SpannerintheWorks


    Watching idiots with the brain power of a fence post

    Stop insulting fence posts!...LOL...Spanner...


    Spanner,you nut case....LOL!...OUTLAW

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    When I was told that a child must have two baptized Jehovah's Witnesses (prefereably in good standing) stand and observe as a pedophile sexually assaults that child. These two baptized Jehovah's Witnesses need not interfere or make any effort to stop said rape, but should act as observers only. After the pedophile has had his fill and pleasured himself thoroughly he may withdraw and leave. The two baptized Jehovah's Witnesses then should not offer said child any comfort (God forbid they even clean the bloody sperm off the child!) or make any effort to seek medical treatment for the child, or (even worse) contact the police. Instead the two baptized Jehovah's Witnesses should "wait on Jehovah" for the elders to contact them to act as witnesses to the alleged event. After all everyone knows children make up all sorts of wild stories. It surely is a sign of the last days that children even show up with venereal diseases! Satan is everywhere. If the elders feel it is appropriate, then they will contact the two baptized Jehovah's Witnesses to see if (1) actual penetration occurred; (2) did the child ask for it; (3) did the child enjoy it; (4) did these two baptized Jehovah's Witnesses do anything to influence or encourage the pedophile to rape the child, and (5) what sort of underwear was the child wearing?

    If after all this data has been accumulated, then the pedophile may be subject to discpline, perhaps even placing the pedophile on private reproof. After all we don't want reproach on Jehovah's name. The child of course may not contact the police or (God forbid) a psychotherapist since that would bring reproach on Jehovah's name as well as everyone knows that psychologists are all demonized.

    This is all Bible based. ( tm )

  • AlanF

    Hi Spanner,

    : What? A whole year before you realised there claims were false? You surprise me!

    No, that's not what I meant. What I meant was that it was more than a year from the time I read the ridiculous Awake! article to when I actually became inactive. This was all part of an evolution that came in fits and starts since shortly after I was baptized at age 15 in 1967. A few months after I was baptized the Society came out with its ridiculous claim that organ transplants were a form of cannibalism. I knew that it was totally stupid, and I argued with my parents about it, but when you're a dumb 16 year old JW kid, you can't get very far. I nearly dropped out again when I was about 20, but was coaxed and threatened to get back into JW life. By 1978 I knew that something was terribly wrong, since Armageddon hadn't come in 1975, and so I decided to go to college. I was inactive the last three years of college, and while there found proof of the Society's intellectual dishonesty. Being in college and largely supported by a JW wife, I couldn't make a break without screwing myself royally. After graduating in 1982, I gave in to pressure from family and decided to give JW life one more try, so I did all the usual JW things. During the next year and a half, I learned many things that gradually convinced me to quit permanently. Obviously, I don't act on the spur of the moment in such things.


  • Scully

    The Final Straw for me was..... I remember this like it happened yesterday....

    being told (yelled at) by my best friend in the middle of a crowded restaurant

    "If you turn your back on The Truth TM , your three beautiful children would be better off if you took them out in the back yard and blew their heads off with a gun. That way they won't go down with you at Armageddon TM and will have a resurrection in the Paradise TM ."

    I stood up from the table where we were having dessert and coffee, and walked out on her. I never spoke to her again. That was the day I decided, once and for all, that I never wanted to have anything to do with the JWs ever again.

    Love, Scully

  • amen

    I realise a lot of the things they said are not truth. Double standards. We were worshipping an organisation.


  • Matty

    February 2002. Finally plucking up the courage to read a site about Jehovah's Witnesses that wasn't www.jw-media.org or www.watchtower.org I read some of the experiences in www.silentlambs.org. I considered the site acceptable because at the time Bill Bowen was still an Elder. Nothing really prepared me for what I encountered. The experiences I read really tore my heart out. Then I thought about all the times that Elders have treated members of my own family badly and other people dear to me. I had been a Watchtower apologist for too long, I was too busy in my ministry and my socialising and going to meetings to really stop and think about the validity of the organization that I grew up in. I trusted my parents ability to make correct decisions for themselves far too much. I remembered the scripture in 2nd Corinthians 13:5 "Keep testing whether you are in the faith, keep proving what you yourselves are". I tested, and the Jehovah's Witness religion failed the test conclusively. The penny dropped - Elders are not spirit appointed, they get to their position by being able to spout more BS than other brothers in the congregation. Jehovah was not keeping the congregations clean, nor is he directing the Watchtower society. Why isn't he looking after us? It's because it isn't his congregation in the first place. The final nail in the coffin was reading Crisis of Conscience last summer – it removed any doubt I had in my mind that I was doing the right thing. It really was truly over. It hit me like a ton weight, it was devastating. I haven't really got over it yet.


    For me, while auxiliary pioneering in all its 'then' glory, I remember battling my own personal demons (my sexuality) and praying endlessly and passionately, and NOTHING was taking away the urges and feelings.


    I had doubts before, but I foolishly believed that if I kept being more active within the organization, that the doubts would lessen, and I would be blessed with some form of enlightenment. Never happened!

    The battle escalated, and here I was, going to loads of meetings, extra assemblies, extra special talks, going out in service, associating with not only the opposite sex, but christian association: NONE OF IT WAS WORKING! Then the tearful prayer, which basically never went any further than the ceiling.

    I was history, and I felt guilty and worthless and without Jehovah's favour.

    I think I somehow realized, NOTHING was going to change ME. Nothing!

    It was November 1983, and it all went downhill rapidly for me then, and by spring of 1984 after months of not attending meetings, I met with the JC (Judicial Committee) and I cannot remember much about it, but I suspect they DF/DA'd me.

    But it certainly was a cumulative affect. Suppressing my sexuality etc., was the straw that certainly broke the camel's back.

    So glad I am free of that nightmare.

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