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  • nicolaou

    From his FB profile it appears that Marko Petrovic lives in Sisak, Croatia. Given that, and his references to Lloyd Evans wife in the collective, I'd guess he's an in-law but that really is only a guess.

    Evans has split the exJW community in half and left a trail of upset individuals in his wake - he's made lots of enemies. I won't defend his agressive, bullying form of activism for a moment but that doesn't excuse lobbing unfounded allegations of sexual abuse at him.

    Making serious accusations like this in public rather than taking them to the authorities is poor form. If Petrovic has evidence to back his claims he should produce it otherwise he should shut up.

  • WhatshallIcallmyself

    If people have evidence of a crime then report it to the authorities. If you don't have evidence then shut the fk up. I'm getting really fked off with these "hashtag warriors" who think it is fine to throw around accusations and that "social justice" trumps the justice system.

    Real crimes are being watered down in people's minds due to this type of behaviour. Women and men who are victims are finding it harder to get this behaviour taken seriously due to the amount of 'crime' being revealed online.

    A fine example of this is the social media channel being used by members of staff at the English Parliament to complain of sexual abuse whilst at work; yet where are the complaints to the police?

    People, quite rightly, are beginning to treat these things as bandwagon complaints from attention seeking idiots.

    Charlotte, you can take your first post and #stickitwherethesundontshine

  • cofty
    I was only relating a screenshot I was given

    You were broadcasting specific, unsubstantiated and extremely serious accusations of child abuse against a named individual on a forum with a large readership. In law that is called libel.

    The UK is the world capital of libel lawsuits. You are either malicious or stupid.

  • jookbeard

    I think a mixture of both Cofty,the best thing is if this rubbish is removed for all parties concerned. Charlotte can I ask you what the benefit of this poison you have posted is for and what you expect the response would be? Joel Martz is a very seriously disturbed individual who for whatever reason has led this campaign agaisnt Evans for a couple of years now, he has issued death threats to him and continues a campaign of hate and slander against Evans and his young family, this Petrovich chap does not even exist, Joel is you are reading this go and crawl back into the hole you've come from, the world of activism is better off without you.

  • Scully

    So Charlotte, it appears that you joined this forum for the sole purpose of perpetuating a malicious, libellous attack on someone in the xJW community who no longer posts on this forum. That, in itself, is suspicious. We take a very dim view of people who make unfounded allegations against people in this community. If you have proof, take it to the authorities. If you are just spouting bullshit, go away.

    THREAD LOCKED. Original post containing libellous allegations has been deleted.

  • darkspilver
  • Simon
    he has addressed this accusation of an alleged text message to a 14 year old while he was an elder in the UK and he was removed for, this is old news and just more shit stirring.

    It would be old news except for the fact that Lloyd is constantly trying to get involved with victims of sexual abuse, so whether it's true or not seems very, very relevant. He should either clarify the story he himself has told (about being removed as an elder for sexting a girl) and what age she was or cease trying to use victims of abuse for self-promotion and fund-raising / book sales.

    There's a reason that unqualified and unvetted people should not be setting themselves up as the go-to guy for abuse victims, especially if they've shown a previous predilection to certain behavior that could very much be considered on the spectrum of "abusive".

    If someone has concrete information then should report it to the authorities, not to the internet, but I suspect it would not not serious enough to take action even if it's rather seedy and vile.

    But whatever the case, we don't need more Lloyd Evans drama here.

  • darkspilver

    Simon - nicely summed up

  • Charlotte

    Thank you Simon. I totally agree.

    While we are on the subject of vile talk, is there something you can do about jookbeard? He is harassing me via PM and wont stop.

  • Charlotte
    I have informed jookbeard to no longer harrass me and am waiting for his apology in this thread. He sought me out and I did not wish any contact with him.

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