Got a phone call from my Elder dad

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    Do you realize just how close I came to calling MY elder dad to see if he had heard this? And if he hadn't to be prepared for the assemby when he would??

    It will happen. They have backed off of the "presence of 1914" issue to the "cleansing of 1919" so much it will only be a little longer and they will talk about the "seperation of 1935" and forget the rest. I guess next it will be the "Testing of 1975" and the "generation of 1995"... oops, they've already used the generation thing...

    oh well...

    Thanks elsewhere...

  • jgnat

    OOOOO, you got me going on that one, Elsewhere!

  • Valis
    Next time we go to a bar, I will make sure you get a suprise for sure. 3

    Yeah Jes, just make sure it isn't too smokey and not too rowdy and that they have a Christian Science Reading Room for quiet time...And that when you are done having a good time make sure you have a statement in writing that dipstick enjoyed himself.


    District Overbeer

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  • crownboy

    The weird part was, I clicked on the thread thinking "elsewhere is proabably going to write some April Fool's joke", knowing your history of writing such stuff. But you still got me anyway!!!! I was already envisioning what the convention was going to be like and then you had to wreck it at the end.



    YOU BUGGER! You had me fooled. Before I read the thread I was in hot pursuit writing to Mouthy. Then I wrote her back to tell her that I had 'been hosed'.

    Good one....Elsewhere.

    Wish it were true, but one never could very well be, tomorrow, April 2.

  • Elsewhere


    Glad you guys got a good laugh out of it.

  • myself

    An April Fools hoax? Oh well a girl can dream, can't she!?!

  • Xena

    lol good one elsewhere....just enough reality to make us take the bait

    hhhmmm perhaps the WT writing department might read this and get a few hints on how that handle that timeline nightmare they have on their hands???

  • qwerty

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