What are your experiences of dating in the truth?

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  • cruzanheart
    I was a very pretty regular pioneer with a daddy who was not only an elder- he was one of the anointed. I did not have a chance. The JW boys were too afraid of him and me.

    Ravyn, I think we were separated at birth (except I don't think I was "very pretty" -- still don't)! Same drill: I was a regular pioneer, Dad was an elder AND of the anointed, let's add my Mom who was a truly fearsome human being -- that was NOT conducive to having boyfriends. I finally got married at age 27 to Big Tex, who is younger than I and who had such a horrific childhood that neither of my parents phased him. The worst thing I ever did was, coincidentally two weeks before I met Big Tex, sneak out of the house to meet a guy my parents did NOT approve of. He had been divorced, disfellowshipped and reinstated, and was a pretty decent human being. We went out to dinner at a nice restaurant and he kissed me goodnight. That was my first kiss, and I was 25 years old. I was also really bored with my life, disgusted with most of the male Witnesses I knew, and just plain old curious about kissing. Brian knew it and obliged. (So if you're out there, Brian McWhorter, thanks!) Then Big Tex came along two weeks letter and swept me off my feet. And I didn't even see him in a kilt!


  • Ravyn

    Cruzanheart! my musband wears kilts too...LOL he is half Scots-Irish and half Italian....he might wear a kilt, but he is definitely Italian on the lower half.......he looks so much like Stone Cold that little kids ask him for autographs. Aren't we LUCKY! OMG! If I had married one of those 'GOOD' JW boys I would be in jail for murder right now.

    Ravyn (PS- I used to use RavynzHeart for my nick too...LOL)

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  • flower
    what are your experiences of dating in the 'truth'?

    in a word..Nonexistent.

    lol i was a good little dubby. well actually my dad had a big black belt

  • goofy

    Nina, that is such a nice story of how you met your husband. Irish and Italian, now that's a mix. I understand the kissing situation, lol, I never was kissed until I was 22, pretty sad, huh? But you know, you don't kiss someone you do not intend to marry. Lol

  • DanTheMan

    Very bad.

    I really only dated one lady, and it was for a very short time. She dumped me for a bro that was a complete borg drone like her. He had money too, which probably helped his cause, since she was in debt up to her eyeballs.

  • shera

    I didn't date in the "truth",I dated on the outside.I just wasn't interested in jw men.

  • Pork Chop
    Pork Chop

    They all really wanted to get married, and most of them were not too resistant.

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex
    What are your experiences of dating in the truth?

    Well I only dated one. I was pioneering, as was she, and we met out in field service. She was the prettiest and sweetest girl I had ever seen. I had a terrible time concentrating that morning because I kept looking at a nice tight backside that was working up the street that made my 19 year old pants go crazy. I was also a little down because I just knew that surely someone this gorgeous, witty and intelligent was married by the age of 25.

    Was she? Nope. (yes!)

    JW girls generally felt Third Base was not unclean behavior

    Well this one did, but that didn't stop us. Which just goes to show that if you keep her happy, she'll keep you happy.

    I consider myself the luckiest man in the world to have found the love of my life in an organization so hostile and repressed. I don't need to ever worry about winning the lottery. I already have.

  • cruzanheart

    Aw, sweetie, that made my day! (And many more to come.) I love you too, honey! Once I saw those bedroom eyes, I couldn't look at anyone else.

    Love forever,


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