What are your experiences of dating in the truth?

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  • Big Tex
  • avishai

    Wow. I dated a few, & found the more "active" they were(aux. & reg pioneers) the more likely they were to be "naughty". dunno why. Lot's of 'em would also smoke pot, surprisingly. Or smoke cigs when no one is looking. Back a few years ago I would of called them hypocrites cuz of the double life, but now I know so many of 'em were so screwed up, I dont begrudge them.

  • blackout

    Most of my stories are too hot for public forums, it was pretty wild in a small town, nothing else to do kind of way.

    Here is an example though, driving at night.

    Driving is a young pioneer brother about 20years, passenger seat another, in the back me, then my 'spiritual, example for the others, oh isn't he just wonderfull, elder material' boyfriend (yes we were planning to get engaged, yeah right) Then his friend on the other side of him. Can't remember where we were going, but we were kissing and cuddling a bit. Next thing I know he is unzipping my jeans and trying to shove his hand down my pants!!!! I was mortified (I was a very good girl at this stage) I froze, luckily it was the 80's and I had those super tight jeans on. I was so scared because I couldn't say 'no stop that right now you Dirty Bastard' (hehe). If I did pioneer bro would know what was going on. So I just sat there with my zip down until we got where we were going and somehow snuck my zip up without anyone noticing. (Those tight jeans were really hard to zip up were they not?) Mongrel, he got me when I couldn't squawk. I dropped him soon after. However I believe he was my downfall because I was never the same sweet innocent young girl again (I was 17 at the time).

    So there you go, my experience of dating 'elder material' LOL

  • greven

    WelI, I rarely found someone whom I was attracted to in the congregations. There were however ones that were attracted to me, but they seemed desperate and plain silly.

    So I dated outside and got real good at excuses to keep my parents ignorant. My fist kiss was at age 12 () and I didnt stop dating ever since. The fact that I had to keep it secret from my parents (and the fact that I kept me being JW secret) ruined most of the relationships, however. Luckily, my parents never found out.


  • onacruse

    Well, let's see...the very first girl I ever went out on a date with, her name was Wanda (a pio sister). One date (a movie, Dr. Zhivago LOL)...no holding hands, or anything like that. End of that one.

    Then, Judy...met at the beach (total coincidence). I almost immediately fell totally in love with her, but didn't have the balls to make a commitment. She moved to Scottsdale AZ for a couple of months, came back to Portland...when I next saw her I immediately asked her to marry me. Lasted 9 years (until I was DFd). I thought it was for life.

    Then, Susie...my folks studied with her, and Mom said she was a great girl. One dinner together, and I fell totally in love with her. Lasted 17 years, until I was DFd (again, 2000). I thought it was for life.

    Now, Katie...met her through this forum. I not quite so immediately, but so much more totally, fell in love with her (she did have to hit me up side the head with a 2x4 to get my attention LOL).

    I believe in commitment.


  • Maverick

    I came in at 24, had a good job, house, nice car, so a lot of young divorced or single parent types had there eye on me. After one sister broke off our engagement because her Elder dad thought I was too 'new' I moved to Calif. and got a job with a newspaper in LA. My older sister was the wife of the PO in a Long Beach cong. and she pulled all the young sisters aside and told them her baby brother was coming to live and he was looking for a wife. I had no clue and was still devastated from my breakup. The gossip mill ran at full speed and by the time I arrived all the local sisters had decided to treat me like a pariah. It was three years before anyone would even go out in service with me, this being the first step all good J-dud take to date. Fast forward fifteen years, after my ex was reinstated she told all the sisters I was a fire breathing abusive monster and they again would not go near me, thank God, this eventually lead to my coming to my senses and here I am. Maverick PS: Now I am a fire breathing apostate monster!

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