Satan Had it easy! Does the bible make sense?

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  • peacefulpete

    The "knowing good and bad like one of us" phrase always disturbed me as well. The WT answer was that God was speaking to Jesus. The term "knowing good and bad" was defined as "determining for one self right and wrong" We have a problem then. This suggests that Jesus was independently determining good and bad, and this before "being tested in all respects". The WT solution was to say that Jesus aquired this ability thro years of association with God. This implies that the sin of Adam and Eve was only one of timing. This suggests that those who live in this paradise to come will one day quite appropritely be said to not need God. This was contrary to "god being all this to everybody" at the end of the 1000 years. Problems on top of problems....Until I found that the earliest Jewish theology included polytheism. And that the conversation in this passage was likely between El, the god of the Ugarits who was commandeered by the desert folks who became Israelites, and the pantheon of gods that assembled above the dome of the earth.

  • peacefulpete

    That Quote was "God will be all things to everybody" I dont yet know how to edit.

  • Chappi


    Do we really need to go that far? Adam and Eve did not know good and evil in its most simple form. The angels did though. It's generally believed that Satan had already sinned at this stage and other angels with him. Of cause the time before the earth is an enigma in the Bible, we are told almost nothing. The angels surely knew good and evil in its simple form too and more so. In 2 Sam. 14v17 we are told that God's angels are wise, not that they know all things.

    God Bless

  • micheal

    It just seems to be at least according to the witness teachings, that God is looking for any reason to kill us , when instead he should be looking for an exhausting ALL efforts to see that we live. And that most importantly ALL have a fair oppurtuntity to live everlasting on earth or wherever, instead of just those primarily born into witness families - Wow they really caught a break didn't they?!

  • starScream

    Satan had it easy,

    Yes the bible makes sense. If you have read it you would know he goes to hell.

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