Satan Had it easy! Does the bible make sense?

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  • ballistic

    So if Adam and Eve didn't gain knowledge of Good and Bad, why did they suddenly realise they were naked?

  • Satanus


    I don't see 'god' as a person, either. But, what 'god' is (my concept of it) is hard to explain. If you encouraged your child to explore this and report back to you, i think it would be interesting.

    Actually, if you consider that adam and eve also died to pay for their sins, then they would be paid for three times.


  • Swan


    Good post. I have had many of the same questions.

    Ballistic and Little Toe:

    you talk about the huge almost exponential growth in computing power, have you considered the thought that we could actually exist inside a huge computer simulation owned by a god who is an ETI. The universe is billions of years old, and if our processing power is doubling every year, imagine what computers could evolve into in all that time!

    There is another Science Fiction author who writes about a lot of this. Jack L. Chalker wrote about some of these same ideas in his "Well World" series and his "The Watchers at the Well" series.


    If the bible made sense,there would be no confusion as to what it means...OUTLAW

  • shera

    A question I used to think about, why would God allow them to be naked if it was so bad?Why was it ok,when they were innocent and wrong after,they became to know good and evil?

  • Chappi


    But they did. They did however not get knowledge of good and evil like the gods. The serpent basically told them they would be perfect, having divine wisdom and be immortal - 'you will surely not die'. Instead they died (spiritually) as God told them and they did not get that divine wisdom either. They invited a lot of terible things into the world, all due to their disobedience. Check the reference to 2 Sam. 14v17 and you will see the Jews understood this statement in similar manner;

    2 Samuel 14:17 Then thy handmaid said, Let, I pray thee, the word of my lord the king be comfortable; for as an angel of God, so is my lord the king to discern good and bad: and Jehovah thy God be with thee.

  • Chappi

    Shera, doubtlessly this has to do with sex and lust. They lost their innocence, and now they were sexually aware.

  • SpunkyChick

    Those are some interesting aspects to think about.

    Since I was taught that God can change heart conditions, I always felt he was playing one big game with us in the field ministry and with friends/relatives. I always wondered, if God wants us to know the truth, why doesn't he just manipulate everyone's heart condition?

  • Chappi


    The simple belief behind ministry/preaching is that God leads you to the called. This obviously require that God is behind your system .

  • Chappi


    God is not said to create anything perfect, but "very good". Secondly God created man with a free will ie. the possibility of sinning rather than a) a perfect creature or b) a robot.

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