Can't stand the weight I've gained on my anti-depressant....

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  • SheilaM
    It can cause weight loss. It can also keep you up all night

    Beryl: I have been on Wellbutrin for over 1 1/2 and despite this idea I actually take it at around 7:00 PM and it makes me sleepy. I also haven't gained anything on it and when I exercise I lose very easily. Wellbutrin takes care of my depression and makes me where I don't want to sleep all day. I know how you feel about the weight gain I gained 20 pounds in 2 weeks on Predisone I was on it for a bacterial lung infection and I swelled up like a balloon now that can be a comedy routing in itself LOL

    Best of luck to you on your gig and just try drinking lots of water walking etc and you should lose something

  • Xena

    I agree with most of the posters..just use it to your advantage..I rented a Margaret Cho video the other she cracks me up..and is a good example of a woman who has learned to love herself for who she is....

    BTW I love your name....Rosemarie was my mom's name

  • berylblue

    THANKS to all of you wonderful persons.

    I am using my weight in my routine; after I tell about my psych hospital stays (The things I will mention actually happened, like the guy who said, : "The plate the aliens put in my head is killing me". And another patient said, "You too?" The first patient was serious, the second one was teasing the first, but I'm not going to say that. )

    Anyway, I get out of the hospi tal and my psychiatrist tells me I have to go on meds, and I have a choice between the one that will make me fat but not impair my sex drive and the one which doesn't put on weight, but is anoragasmic. I ask him which ones he has samples of and....

    Great. I'm going to be a 400 pound nymphomaniac."

    That's not the way I'm going to say it or the words I'll use, just an overview of how I'm going to work in my big butt and hips. I look so silly...the top half of me looks like a starved Irish waif and the bottom half looks like an Italian opera singer....(No, I'm not using that, that's just my observation for all of you).

    Well, the weight gain stuff works pretty well in the context of what comes next. Not so funny to me anymore but my classmates like it....


  • outnfree

    Rosemarie, Reduce your carb intake, walk 30 mins. a day, and drink those 8 cups of water a day, and the weight will come off steadily. Good luck on losing the weight, and break a leg on your routine! :) outnfree

  • SheilaM

    Beryl: First by the way the welbutrin doesn't effect sex drive or orgasm either

    When Thunder was hospitilized do to the great overwhelming love of the dubs: He was in group and was telling about why he was there basically he had a bad night and downed a lot of Jack Daniels and I was scared he would attempt suicide again: The thereapist said "why are you here" he said well I a bad night and the police thought I would hurt myself but that wasn't me talking that was Jack" a lady pops up and says "I HAVE A JACK" Thunder said he said "No, Honey mine is in a bottle" LOL He has tons of stories if you need any LOL

  • Robdar

    I actually take it at around 7:00 PM and it makes me sleepy


    Wellbutrin makes you sleepy? How long do you sleep? If I take Wellbutrin, I can't sleep over 3 hours, if I can sleep at all. Funny how different our body chemistry can be, eh?


    You are a funny gal. Are you going to video tape your performance? Where is the gig going to be?



  • berylblue

    I was put on Remeron because that's what the doctor had samples of. I have no insurance now. I don't know how I'm going to get more, not at $130 a month...

    Thanks, Sheila. I will send Thunder a message.


  • SheilaM
    Wellbutrin makes you sleepy? How long do you sleep?

    Yes, I take it at 7:00PM and am tired by 10:00PM and sleep until Thunder makes me get up LOL I could sleep until 1:00PM or so but if I take it to close to bedtime I don't go to sleep for about 3 hours so maybe if you change when you take it.

    Beryl: I here you sister I have no insurance now and NO ONE calls back about it LOL Funny, we have insurance out the but but no health since I left Citibank. My script is $130.00 a month and Thunder had never let me downbut you know when I went to the Doctor the other day for my sinus infection I asked the nurse if she had samples she threw these bottles in my bag of stuff for my infection I counted and I have enough for a month and a half (I take 2 a day) so it was worth $65.00 to go see the Doctor LOL

  • closer2fine

    Berylblue - You can get prescription drugs out of Canada for up to 70% off the US price.

    Try this site:

    Also - Wellbutrin can cause weight loss (besides the loss you might have due to not being depressed), and can restore/even increase sexual drive.

    How was the comedy show?



  • waiting

    Hope the comedy goes well!

    My son's been on welbutrin for about a year. He's much easier to be around....and has lost about 10/15 lbs (but he's 6'3").

    The doctor told him most of the law students are on welbutrin.......and the rest should be. It's the first anti-depressant that's really worked for him. He's still pissy sometimes.......but that's his true nature.


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