Can't stand the weight I've gained on my anti-depressant....

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  • berylblue

    ...I have my first comedy performance Saturday, and I'm 15 pounds overweight. I don't care that I'm still (albeit barely) in the acceptable weight range for my age/height (47/5'1"); I want to be thin again.

    Short of not eating for a week, does anyone have any suggestions? Does anyone else worry about her or his weight? And what do you do when you want to lose a quick ten pounds (if that's even possible).

    Sorry to take up space for such a non-issue, but it matters to me.

    My partner tells me I look fine but he's very biased.


    Oh, yes, I'm "coming out". My name is really Rosemarie

  • Robdar


    You do stand up? Awesome! I gave that a go several years ago.

    Now, about your weight. What anitdepressant are you on? Have you tried wellbutrin? It can cause weight loss. It can also keep you up all night. Which could be good since most comedy gigs are at night.


  • nowisee

    hi rosemarie!! good for you!

    15 lbs. is really not terrible, but you are the one who must be happy. all of the plans work if you work them. weightwatchers, slimfast, la weightloss, jenny craig, etc. i liked jenny craig because you get to eat all day long, however it is expensive, about $70-$80 per week for their food. decent food so if you can afford it.....

    good luck! nowisee


    Will 15 extra pounds make you less funny? Don`t worry about it,get your act down..Find a funny line about worrying about your weight when you got a gig coming up...OUTLAW

  • BadJerry

    i'm doing Atkins, I've put off doing this one for so long because I've read it harms vital organs, but documents have shown other wise, it's not NO carbs, it's low carbs. Carbs make your system increase your insilin and the excess is stored as fat. they will mention that pharmacutical substances will make it slower to lose.

    the first 2 weeks, carb count is 20 gr a day. increased after that.

    people with high metabolisms will lose fast with as much as a pound a day. Me i'm a bit slower with 10lbs in a month.

    from Imanaliento

  • Scully

    That particular side effect of Serotonin Specific Reuptake Inhibitor antidepressants should be under the category What The Doctor Doesn't Tell You About This Drug Before You Start Taking It. Did I also mention impaired sexual performance (for guys)?? And (as a woman) growing facial hair while losing the hair on top of your head?? I thought this was supposed to be an ANTI depressant!! Holy Crap!! Keep that $h!t away from me!! (sorry, just a little nurse's humour there).

    You could work it into your routine (see above). Use it to your advantage. Phyllis Diller and Rodney Dangerfield are notorious for and built their careers on their self-effacing humour.

    As far as losing the weight, 15 pounds really isn't that much, but if you want to get rid of it and boost your endorphins (nature's antidepressant feel-good hormone) at the same time, try a 30 minute circuit/interval training workout. Places like "Curves for Women" offer this kind of fitness training at a reasonable price. I really love it and go daily.

    Love, Scully


    Hey Scully,an anti-depresent that causes facial hair and baldness in women?..You`ve got to be kidding,LOL!..A month or two of that and being depressed will seem like the good old days,LOL!...OUTLAW

  • LDH


    You could always tell the audience it's "sympathy weight gain." Tell them you just didn't think it was fair to be smart, funny, gorgeous AND skinny, so you decided to become a porker so all the other ladies wouldn't feel TOO badly about themselves. LOL. That's what I'd do. Knock em dead, girl.


  • Mulan

    You can't lose 15 pounds in a week. Don't worry about it. They won't notice how you look, if you are really funny, and it seems you are.

    I remember the first time I saw Rosie O'Donnell do a comedy routine. She was pretty chubby, but soooo funny. No one cares............truly.

  • StinkyPantz

    I'd use the extra 15 lbs in my routine.

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