Why Do People Become JWs?

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    a watcher

    minimus....it was the best way, for me.

  • HiddlesWife

    What stan livedeath posted: often wives join first...then drag hubby along; and dupstepped commented:

    Still others hear about the end of the world and fear drives them.

    I have to personally agree with their comments, for these were the main two (2) initial reasons why my mother came into the BORG. She was a Baptist prior to a JW coming to her home with the phonograph in the 1920s. She read the pamphlet that was left by a brother and kept that with her for a long while. About a decade later, an anointed sister contacted her, mainly telling her about Armageddon. From that day forward, she was scurred and made all efforts to be dedicated and baptized. My father followed suit, wanting to make her happy.

    Now, although they both believed in God, I really think that the BORG's message of doom and gloom pushed them to join. This became a terrible legacy in the way they conducted our family studies; and this also pushed us to continue to mentally picture mayhem and destruction of people (innocent adults and children) if they don't come to worship Jehovah. Even scifi/horror movies like 1970s flick "The Day of the Animals" were always pointed out by my mother when she spoke to us and some others, within the cong we associated in at the time, to make her points about Armageddon. I wish that my parents (both they have both passed on) knew TTATT, just like me and my family members now do.


    There is no correlation with below average intelligence and gullibility when it comes to joining cults of any kind......jp1692

    I knew my post would ruffle some feathers...LOL!!

    I know intelligent people (non-JW`s) who are well educated, hold down responsible jobs and make good money.


    Outside of their area of expertise, they are absolutely clueless.

    There are JW`s, with the same problem.

    From Merriam Webster

    Definition of idiot savant

    1. 1 : savant

    2. 2 : a person who is highly knowledgeable about one subject but knows little about anything else

  • stuckinarut2

    Low hanging fruit.....easy pickings.....

    The society openly acknowledges this behaviour by encouraging going after those "who are sighing and groaning over the world" etc... people who feel weighed down...people who can't get themselves out of a paper bag...

  • sparrowdown

    Do people still become JWs these days? I thought the only growth these days was in third world, poorer and non-english speaking places or maybe amongst refugees.

    The reasons behind this kind of "growth" is obvious - people in desperate circumstances are easy prey to cults. I'm not going to blame the victims here. People in economic and physical dire straits are not stupid or idiots they're just vulnerable.

    Crushing poverty and high crime is common in places where WT is making converts and WT knows that, have a f***ing heart.

  • pale.emperor

    Even when i was "in" i used to say "this religion attracts nutters".

    If someone you love dies, be it parent, child, sibling, friend... and someone sells you a fantasy of seeing that person again on earth and you living with them again people sometimes buy into it. Because they want it to be true.

    Also, a lot of people have respect for the bible, or think that it's holy even though they dont follow it. So when a cult comes along and shows them that the bible really says x, y and z and not many people know this you feel special and enlightened.

    Im a 2nd generation born in, although my grandad did convert after my dad did. My dad came into it because he saw positive traits such as honesty, unity and all those smiling faces. My mum came into it as a 15yo girl after being abused at home, growing up in foster homes from age 5 and no one ever caring about her. Along comes the JWs and instant friendships and suddenly a purpose and goal in life. This is why mum will never leave. Even if she see's it for what it is. The org is her parent now, and it has been since she was 15.

  • Finkelstein

    I think there are many various reasons, one could point to poor education, a recent emotional problem such as divorce, death in the family or other problems they may be having at the time.

    There many people who perceive people who adhere to the bible as wholesome virtuous people, so when they have someone coming to the their door with a bible in their hand or other piece of literature associated with the bible, they are drawn instinctively in a preconceived acceptance.

  • LongHairGal


    I can understand you thinking that.

    I was raised Catholic and was interested in end-time prophecy. When I met a JW they made it sound like all my questions would be answered. Also: at the time the Catholic Church kept everybody ignorant about the scriptures. The average Catholic only had a missal and was only knowledgeable about creation and the gospels of Jesus. They have changed a little over the years because of competition with Born-Again Christians so there is more emphasis on the Bible itself.

    When I became a Witness it became apparent that they flat-out LIED about certain things. They bragged they had "no clergy class". Bullshit. They have a plain clothes clergy and as many titles as Christendom. They also said "everybody is equal". Bullshit. They have all sorts of class distinctions and labels galore! I never liked the gossip and the phonies and users there.

    I never fit-in because I refused to quit my full time job. I was considered not-spiritual and not invited much. I would have been so screwed if I listened to these people, thankfully I ignored their nonsense.

    I also never quite believed their paradise earth teaching and felt it was wishful thinking. I finally walked out and joined the ranks of the "faders"!

  • sparrowdown

    The cult doesn't attract anybody it goes out and deliberately and methodically hunts them down with notes on them and everything, it's called recruiting. How many people would be attracted to a cult if it never came to their door or refugee camp or prison?

  • jp1692

    Outlaw: I knew my post would ruffle some feathers...LOL!!

    In your first post on this thread you answered the OP question "Why Do People Become JWs?" with:

    1) Stupid: Too dumb to see it`s a con game.

    It is this comment that I disagreed with above.

    In your second post you wrote:

    There are JW`s … who [are] highly knowledgeable about one subject but knows little about anything else

    I completely agree with this. The difference is one of knowledge, not intelligence.

    For the record, my feathers are completely unruffled!

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